Leptin Rx: Week 8, Day 6

I’m getting discouraged and confused by the fact that my body isn’t losing weight.  I don’t really understand it.  I’m eating very low carb – basically just meat, fat, and vegetables.  No nightshades, not much caffeine.  I’m hungry just before meals or I don’t eat much.  I’m typically a little hungry when I go to bed.  Under these conditions, biologically, I’m not sure why my body isn’t delving into fat stores overnight.  I’m the same weight I was 7 weeks ago.  I know Dr. Kruse said weight loss probably wouldn’t come right away for women.

I could take the next step and try the Cold Thermogenesis.  I’ve read enough of the blog posts, comments and forums over at Kruse’s site to feel confident that I know how to do it and probably know how to avoid some of the pitfalls.  At this point there are 2 things stopping me.  First, I don’t like the idea of the toxin dump that a lot of people are going through.  My hormones have been so all over the place the last few weeks…I can’t imagine adding to that.  My poor husband thinks I’m mentally unbalanced.  Secondly, I just don’t want to be uncontrollably cold.

I was talking to a doctor friend of mine yesterday.  He began eating low carb a year ago, and just now was able to discontinue the last of his blood pressure medication.  He was surprised that his body improved that quickly.  Quickly?  I guess I’m just impatient.

I think maybe it’s time to try the cold.  That seems to be the best bet for fast results.  Maybe one or two of my 4 readers could comment on the detox process…how long did it last (or is it still going on)?

I also wish my mood was better.  I’ve started eating more vegetables to make sure I’m getting a wide variety of nutrients.  I don’t eat fruit.  My sleep is pretty good – about the way it’s always been.  It’s possible it has to do with other things outside my diet – like, taking on more independent consulting work outside my full-time job.  That’s new in the last month.  Maybe I’m just feeling stretched a little too far.  I do dearly wish I had more time to myself.

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