Studying the Adrenals

The PA got back to me and yes, she does prescribe BHRT for women who are still menstruating.  Yay!

I’ve been reading more about adrenal fatigue around the interwebs.  I’m starting to understand the role of physiological stress (not just psychological stress) in adrenal burnout.  I’ve been sort of blaming my pedal-to-the-metal approach to life for my current adrenal/cortisol issues…but it really looks like a life of food intolerance made things a lot worse too.  Apparently (and keep in mind this information is from “the internet” so I’m not sure of it’s credibility), cortisol is an anti-inflammatory.  So whenever you do something that causes inflammation (eating grains or dairy, for example, or depriving yourself of sleep), the adrenals have to put out cortisol to deal with it and quell the inflammation.  Years and years of this and you get adrenal fatigue.  I was reading about adrenal fatigue instead of taking a nap yesterday, while the little one was napping.  I just didn’t want to nap – I wanted to read.  Then I got to a website that said,

When we force ourselves to push through that groggy afternoon slump time, it triggers a stress response from our adrenals, forcing them to produce more cortisol when what they are trying to tell us is that they need a break!

So I put the iPad down and took a nap.

Same thing last night – I had a lot to do but instead listened to my body at 9:30PM and went to bed.  I think that’s just what I have to do now.  Stop pushing so hard, start listening to my body, and start learning to say no.  I like this website about Adrenal Fatigue, by the way…lots of interesting information that seems to support other things I’ve been reading.

My body seems to have stopped with the poor temperature regulation and weird hormonal surges/dips.  It’s been about 6 days off CT.  I was listening to Dr. Kruse’s webinar on hormones.  It’s very densely packed with information – it’s literally an hour and a half of him talking very fast.  At least I think it is – I only made it 30 minutes so far.  He did say, regarding the adrenals, that CT increases CRH and ACTH, which lead to more cortisol output.

The hypothalamus sends CRH to the pituitary, which responds by secreting ACTH. ACTH then causes the adrenal glands to release cortisol into the bloodstream

So lots of reasons to get back into the water.  I think when I resume CT in a week or two I’m going to try something different.  I notice when I was just doing the Leptin Rx with no CT my sleep got very regular – I didn’t even need an alarm to wake up.  I think I started feeling stressed and drained after starting CT because I was doing the baths at night.  They increased cortisol and made me feel very productive and not much like sleeping.  Instead I’m going to try to take them in the morning.  I’m not extremely excited about a 50 degree bath first thing in the morning (well, second thing…after the BAB), but I seriously need to start honoring  my sleep at night. So that’s what I’m looking at.  The baths may be shorter on days I have to be at work very early.  This will no doubt cut into my blogging time, most of which is in the morning.  I’ll have to work it all out.  I really just need to learn to prioritize.

One thing I’m not clear about though…I have heard that cortisol overproduction causes increased belly-fat.  I think it is the case then that it’s the overproduction that precedes adrenal exhaustion, and that overproduction leads to belly fat.  If you keep on pushing through you get to where I am now – adrenals are fatigued (but not dead yet!) and now under-producing cortisol.  So how come my belly fat doesn’t go away now that I don’t have so much cortisol?  Maybe I’ll go back and read Dr. K’s blog on this matter.  Usually I start to understand him after reading for the 4th or 5th time.

Currently my social needs and my me-time is out prioritizing my health.  That’s just not right.  I need to have a real heart-to-heart with myself about this.

Oh well…don’t have time. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Studying the Adrenals

  1. Lanie

    No he didn’t. I’m stopping for now in case the PA wants to do her own testing. I plan on starting up again soon. Dr K actually didn’t talk about CT at all.

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