Need a Break

I’m tired of being tired.  Now that I’ve pressed the pause button on CT you would think I’d be getting more done…you know, with that extra time I’ve freed up.  Nope…I’m just going to bed earlier and waking up earlier and it feels like nothing’s changed.  I think I’m down a bit because I’m feeling under the weather.  I have a cough that seems to be getting worse.  I just want to take a day off from everything.  But life keeps on rolling in like a tireless ocean of crap to do.

I was thinking it would be cool to attend the Ancestral Health Symposium coming up next month in Boston.  It’s sold out but I got a notification yesterday that my turn on the waiting list had come up and I could buy tickets if I wanted to.  I thought about it…it would mean 3 days away from babykins and 2 days away from work…and it wouldn’t even be relaxing.  It would be running around learning stuff.  And expensive.  So I decided not to.  If I’m going to be away from my little one for that long it needs to be to a spa or something…I just desperately need a break.

I notice I start talking about needing a break around the time I feel I’m getting behind on things in my life.  Things are nagging at me, nagging at me…I think I need a break from nagging myself.  In the future when I take consulting work (over and above my full-time job) I’m just going to have to get the paperwork end of it done the same day.  Otherwise it just hangs on and burns out my adrenal glands with stress.

Lifestyle changes that I will make RIGHT NOW to fix my adrenal glands:

  • Get sleep.  Go to sleep when I’m tired.  Yes, it’s boring.  Do it anyway.
  • Finish paperwork for consulting jobs on same day of consultation so it’s not nagging me.
  • Look into emWave and/or other biofeedback systems to learn to manage stress better.
  • Start doing some kind of yoga – even just a little every day, like a few sun salutations.
  • Take a break once a month (omg…it’s hard for me to even write this! What the hell is wrong with me that I can’t take a break?!?!  Geez, can’t imagine why I have adrenal fatigue…).  This may involve taking a half day off work and going somewhere relaxing outside or going to a movie alone…or something.  Or maybe even a full day!  Yeah!  That’s it…I’m scheduling it NOW.  Wait, I don’t have my calendar in front of me.  I’m scheduling it TOMORROW.  For real.

Here’s a decent article on Cortisol a friend passed on to me.  It answered some of my questions about why cortisol is good when managed well and bad when it’s abused.

My name is Lanie and I’m a cortisol abuser.


4 thoughts on “Need a Break

  1. Did Dr. K say how long it would take you to get better once you go full throttle with BHRT, Adrenal support, etc?

  2. thanks for sharing this very human post… So relatable. As a life coach, I really appreciate the power that comes from changing their lifestyle and I want to thank you for being a great example to others and doing it for yourself.

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