Quitting Wiley and Insurance Woes

So…3 days after going to see my old PA about continuing my BHRT with the Wiley Protocol, I’ve decided to quit it altogether.  On Friday – yesterday – I had a horrible hormone-driven mood swing that involved intentionally causing some damage to my husband’s car.  I wish I could say this kind of thing was rare – I have problems like this at least one or two times a month, including arguing, throwing things, threats of divorce.  It’s ugly.  I’m embarrassed to be not only involved but at the root of these events.

Later my husband did some research on this hormone protocol that I embarked upon 8 months ago, ostensibly to help with mood swings, libido, and overall health and well-being…none of which have improved.  His findings have resulted in my decision to quit the BHRT.  The Wiley Protocol, it seems, has not been researched and has been at the root of many health problems for many women.  Apparently T.S. Wiley has no formal education in health or medicine.  Bent Formby, Ph.D., a molecular biologist who has published over 100 scientific publications, was named by Wiley as a coauthor of her book, Sex, Lies and Menopause.  However, he has not given endorsement of the Wiley Protocol. He reports that when he recommended a 6-month clinical trial of the Wiley Protocol, T.S. Wiley refused.

Apparently, many women have problems with the high dosing of hormones called for by the protocol, and demonstrate progesterone toxicity.  I have had some of these symptoms myself over the past few months, including feeling sedated, feeling sleepy all day, anxiety, heart palpitations, extreme irritability (sorry about the car, honey), cravings/increased appetite, high blood pressure, puffy face, belly fat.   The last symptom on the list is completely me – “second trimester pregnancy tummy sticking out.”

Side story:  At a yoga class a couple weeks ago, the instructor asked me…in front of the class…if I was “expecting.”  I was humiliated.  I know she had to ask to avoid leading me into positions that could hurt a baby…but it was a bad bad moment.

Anyway, I attributed all that to stress…the cravings, the weight gain, the belly fat, the fatigue and sedated feeling.  Interestingly though my life was more stressful back in September and October…and these symptoms started showing up months later…after being on the Wiley Protocol for 6 months.  Apparently these high doses of progesterone accumulate in your fat cells – moreso than the estrogen – and can build up over several months, causing increased problems the longer you’re taking it.  And none of these symptoms have resolved in the 5 weeks since I quit my stressful job.  If the stress was the problem, wouldn’t things be getting better by now?

Oh well….I’m done taking it now.

As far as getting off the hormones, these folks offer some suggestions, including maintaining a low dose of estrogen to balance the progesterone that takes longer to get out of the system.  I think I’m going to just quit and add a few mg. of estrogen if I seem to need it later.  I realize that’s not very scientific but NOTHING ABOUT THE WILEY PROTOCOL IS.

I should have done my own research.

And in other news….My family can’t seem to buy health insurance.  Know why?  Because we’re not taking the statins we’re prescribed.  Noncompliance with medical advice.  Awesome.

So it looks like we’ll either have to ditch our dreams of being self-employed or we’ll have to start taking statins again.

I think I’ve about had it with woo medicine.

Where’s my damn Lipitor

3 thoughts on “Quitting Wiley and Insurance Woes

  1. I’m sorry you are having issues. Please be aware that there’s a lot of bullshit out there regarding this protocol. I have been on it since July 2011 and have never felt better. But then, I’m 66 and had a total hyst about 15 years ago. If you have your parts your PA should damn well have ordered blood work to see where your hormones were BEFORE she put you on the protocol. that’s MY opinion.

    As to Wiley’s “lack” of education … the woman has a Ph.D. and research the bejabbers out of hormone issues before she wrote her book. This is NOT “woo” medicine. BHRT works and works well but honestly for anyone who is not menopausal, baselines need to be determined. And HOW you feel definitely needs to be taken into account.

    And there’s no such thing as too much Pg. when you were pregnant your body pumped out enough Pg to float a ship. What you’re describing sounds like rampant lack of estrogen. Or too much testosterone. THAT’S why you need a baseline and monitoring of blood levels.

    I’d definitely suggest going back to your PA and asking why this wasn’t done. And is she a CERTIFIED provider? If she is, it sounds like she might need a refresher course.

  2. Darleen – Did I say something that would indicate baseline tests were not done? They were done, as well as labs every 3 months. Just had them drawn last week too, though don’t have the results of those back yet (I’ll post when I do). Last time they were drawn in December progesterone was on the low side for the protocol and estrogen was a little low at day 12 and a little high at day 21. Yes, she’s Wiley Certified – got her name from the Wiley site. I think the protocol isn’t well researched, and it could have and should have been. Are you sure she has a Ph.D? In any case, it didn’t work for me. Glad you’re having good results though.

  3. Wiley doesn’t claim to have a Ph.D. The About the Authors page of her book describes her as “an Anthropologist and cultural theorist,” while her website says the following:

    “T. S. Wiley is a medical theorist in the field of environmental endocrinology and Darwinian Medicine, and a writer and researcher on the use of hormones, particularly in postmenopausal women. She spent eight years in private tutorial in molecular biology with Dr. Bent Formby, PH. D., and has been in private tutorial on Clinical Oncology with Dr. Julie Taguchi since 1998. She has also in the past been a guest investigator at Sansum Medical Research Institute, Santa Barbara, CA.”

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