Thyroid Labs

Yay – I love numbers!

Here are my thyroid labs I had drawn on Saturday, with my last 2 panels before that (March 2012 and November 2012).


Mar-12 Nov-12 Jun-13 Units Range
TSH 1.70 4.01 1.55 uIU/mL 0.450-4.5
Thyroxine (T4) 7.9 8.9 7.4 ug/dL  4.5-12.0
T3 Uptake 32 25 27 24-39
Free Thyroxine Index 2.5 2.2 2 1.2-4.9
T4,Free(Direct) 1.04 0.97 ng/dL 0.82-1.77
Reverse T3, Serum 20.9 10.2 ng/dL 9.2-24.1
Triiodothyronine (T3) 126 120 ng/dL 71-180
Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum 2.9 2.8 pg/mL 2.0-4.4
Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab 10 8 IU/mL 0-34
Antithyroglobulin Ab <20 <20 IU/mL 0-40

Back in November my TSH and RT3 were a LOT higher…probably because of the stress I was experiencing at that time.  Now everything is in the normal range, including RT3 Ratio.  I guess Free T3 could be higher but it’s in range.  Any thoughts on this are, of course, always welcome!

Next up: Cortisol test.  This one takes longer.


After reading the comments from the last post, I went to DirectLabs, ordered me up a full thyroid panel with antibodies (a mere $229), loaded the little one into the car with snacks and iPad games, and drove 90 minutes to the nearest LabCorp for a blood draw.  I hope to have results by Tuesday or Wednesday.

I also went to ZRT and ordered an Adrenal Stress Index saliva test ($138) to evaluate cortisol/adrenal function.  My hours of reading over at Stop the Thyroid Madness indicate that you can’t effectively treat thyroid if your adrenals are tanked.  Last time I tested they were headed in the wrong direction. It’ll be at least 2 weeks to get results from this one.

My goal is to get these glands in order!  I have hesitated to do this because of the expense…but I’m over that now.  Worst case scenario I don’t pay my credit card balance in full.  Probably won’t happen…but really, I can live with that.  I need labs and I need to fix my health.

Thanks for your excellent advice, peeps.

The Struggle

Many times I’ve thought about just stopping with this blog.  Lately I’ve had that thought on a daily basis.  I know it’s not that big a deal to anyone but me whether or not I keep it going. I don’t know if anyone actually reads this anymore…cept a couple folks (and thank you to them).  But not just that…This blog hurts these days because I want to be able to come back here and report good things…report that I’m killing it and losing weight and getting healthy.  Report that at least one of my schemes is a good one.  I can’t do that though, and it’s embarrassing.  I’m embarrassed by my flailing around.

I’m fat because I eat too much.  Why do I eat too much?  I’m not sure.  Sometimes I just feel driven to eat.  When I’ve actually tracked my calories for very long it’s clear that I’m fat because of how much I eat.  I’m one of those shameful fat people that just can’t say no to food.  It’s embarrassing.

So why do I come here and embarrass myself by announcing it?  I don’t know that either.

I try to tell myself this isn’t a personality problem, but I’m not completely sure about that.  My head tells me there’s a biological problem or I wouldn’t be driven to overeat.  Maybe it’s a nutritional deficiency.  Maybe it’s excess cortisol from all the stress again washing over me.  Maybe it’s a sluggish thyroid.  Maybe it’s poor amino acid supply.  Maybe it’s being perimenopausal.  Maybe it’s all of these things and I’m completely fucked.  I suspect that’s the case.  I don’t like to think I’m fucked though.  I keep trying and trying and failing.

Fall down 7 times, get up 8.  – Chinese Proverb

I don’t know what to do.

I feel like I suck.

I’m depressed.

The first person that comments on this post with advice for me, I will follow your advice for 1 solid week and I will report back how I feel.  Please make it reasonable advice.  You know…not like eating ants or taking ice baths.  Thank you.

Something New

New potatoes, that is.  I just ate 13 oz of them.

I’ve decided to try the potato diet.  Nothing but potatoes for a week or so…let’s see how it goes.  Why would I do this?  Because I just don’t feel good.  Ever.  Paleo seems to be letting me down.  I’m not thriving.  Despite being virtually unemployed, my life feels very disorganized.  Hell, it IS disorganized.  It’s not just a feeling.  I used to be a compulsively tidy person.  Now I’m a mess.  I feel tired all the time.  I don’t know anymore how to feel better.  Sure, it could be a cortisol problem (don’t have the money to test right now) and it could be a thyroid problem (ditto) but it could also be that eating meat and fat for over a year isn’t making my body work well.  My blood pressure and weight continue to be high.

I tried Paleo/Leptin Rx.  Felt better than eating grains but now it’s not making me feel good.

I tried Epi-Paleo.  Felt hungry, plus it was really expensive.  I could afford it I guess if I ate stuff out of a can, but I’m not sure I want to expose myself to a lot of canned goods (i.e., BPA).

I tried high fat, moderate protein, low carb.  Felt hungry.

I tried high protein, low carb, low cal.  Felt hungry and unsatisfied.

I tried juicing.  Got tired of cleaning the juicer, but more importantly I didn’t have time to get good at it.  I may try this again.

I tried CT.  Didn’t make a difference.

I tried BHRT.  It made me fatter, gave me heart palpitations, and screwed up my period.

I haven’t tried the potato diet yet.  So let’s go.

Why am I doing this?  I was swayed by this guy’s story (20 potatoes a day for 60 days).  I found myself interested in this thread over at MDA.  And I watched a documentary over the weekend about Gerson Therapy, called The Beautiful Truth.  It details the work of a dude named Gerson in the 1920s who came up with a system of treating people with various ailments, including cancer, with great success.  His method basically involves a vegan diet, lots of organic vegetables, and coffee enemas.  Yeah, sounds awesome.  Not really.  But there’s a clinic in Mexico that was highlighted in the film.  At a cost of $11,000 for a 2-week stay, attendees of this clinic get the full Gerson Therapy.  I know someone who attended this clinic and has now outlasted his life expectancy by 4 years.

I don’t see myself going full-on vegan, but I really do need to keep trying other things.  Paleo made me feel good initially, and I probably do still feel better than I did prior…but that level of good is no longer good enough.  I want to feel vibrant.  I want my mind and body to feel organized again.

So I’ll keep you updated on my ongoing experiments.

Day 1

  • Fasting Blood Glucose: 101
  • Weight: 200.2
  • Waist measurement: 43.5″
  • Blood pressure: 135/83 (the lowest its been in a while)

My goal right now is to eat only potatoes with just some simple seasonings (salt, pepper, spices).