T3 – Day 10

I don’t feel good taking T3.  I’m debating whether or not to continue.

I haven’t been sleeping well – last night I was up from 2AM – 5:30AM.  I feel depressed and irritable…and not just because I’m tired.  I’ve been tired before and I don’t always feel like this.  I feel like nothing can make me smile.  I feel bad for the people living with me.

My motivation for everything is absent.  I don’t have the energy to care.

I know it takes time to adjust, but I can’t feel like this for weeks or months.

I’m considering a REALLY big-picture change.  But before I get into that, let’s look at the evidence.  A month into starting this blog, I wrote down the physical ailments that I was interested in fixing.  They are as follows, with current updates in Bold.

  1. High fasting and post-prandial blood sugar (the post-prandial is only high when I eat carbs.  On my current diet only the fasting is high). Still a problem.  Back then, my FBG was in the range of 115-120.  Now?  Same.
  2. Allergies (seasonal and pets)I don’t have so many problems with allergies but I think that’s because I no longer have cats.  They didn’t make the trip back from California.  I tolerated those allergies for 15 years.
  3. Plantar fasciitis (pain in the soles of my feet when I first get out of bed or first stand after sitting for a while) – This is much better but I think it’s the lack of exercise and the switch to high-quality shoes over the last year.
  4. Excess body fat.  My current BMI is 31.9.  That puts me in the “obese” category.  I have always thought the BMI scale was full of shit, but it’s certainly true that I’m overweight.  My BMI is now around 34.8.  Worse, obviously.
  5. PMS, including some pretty severe mood swings. – My period has gotten VERY inconsistent.  My last cycle was over 10 weeks long, meaning I missed a period or two.  I suppose there are various reasons for this, but my hormones were all very low before starting BHRT last summer.  Now that I’ve quit the BHRT I guess they’ve returned to their low, peri-menopausal level.  My moods have been ok in spite of this.  I’m not sure why.  At some point I’ll test again.
  6. Low sex drive. – Still.  Worse, actually.
  7. High total cholesterol Not better.  A bit worse.
  8. Fatigue My fatigue is largely gone.  I think my adrenals healed since I’ve been able to go to part time work over the last 6 months.  I don’t attribute this improvement to diet.  The improvement correlated with rest and reduction of emotional stress.  And maybe the reduction of exposure to allergens.
  9. AcneStill, but less frequently.  Correlates with my less-frequent periods.

So…almost 2 years on a moderate-high protein, high fat, animal-based diet has not helped much.  Lifestyle changes (specifically stress removal) have helped.

New ailments to target:

  1. High Blood Pressure – This started about 9 months ago, and correlates with my 10% weight gain last year.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen or what I’m going to do.  I’ll keep you apprised.

6 thoughts on “T3 – Day 10

  1. High fasting BS is likely adrenaline issue caused by your low glycogen stores on low carb. Ice cream at night or milk sweetened with honey will help that. You need some long acting thyroid med also probably. I am not sure 25 mcq t3 before 2pm then stopping is a great idea.You should try the last dose at bedtime with a bowl of icecream. Maybe combine with t4 for some steady levels. The total cholesterol and LDL will plummet with thyroid replacement. Once you get your TSH below 1 your cholesterol will normalise.
    You probably need progesterone 2weeks on two weeks of to fix the hormone issue. Progesterone levels fall as you age.
    Infrared light on face or red LED plus vit A and E will take care of the acne. Its probably related to your estrogen levels.

  2. N2P – you’ve been so kind to keep checking in on me and helping me. Let me address your suggestions one at a time. High fasting blood sugar related to low glycogen stores on low carb – I haven’t been low carb since the end of August. I’m not exactly pounding sugar, but I’ve been eating pretty much whatever I feel like eating including some fruit, some starches (I know you and RP don’t approve), and some sweets. I’d say at least 30% of my calories come from carbs. Re: the 25mcg T3 before 2PM and then stopping, I have had more problems with insomnia when taking the T3 closer to bedtime. It’s now getting to the point that I’m up several times a night regardless of when I take it though, but taking it before bedtime wasn’t working for me either. I am considering taking it with T4. I got a bottle of Thyro-Gold (made with grass-fed bovine thyroid) – I think it’s closer in composition to NDT. I’m not feeling very adventurous right now though. I really just want the depression to stop. Re: cholesterol…you’re probably right. I know you’ve had this experience. This is the main reason I’m even trying this. Re: progesterone, I was supplementing with progesterone (as well as estrogen) from 7/12 through 3/13. I got way too much progesterone and felt terrible. I blogged about it but don’t have the energy to look it up right now. I am not estrogen dominant. I have very low levels of both hormones. I don’t have access to infrared red light right now and I can’t bring myself to spend the money to buy it when it could be just woo. Is there any science behind this? Again, I really appreciate your help. I’m just wiped out.

  3. Slow down then. Say 6 mcg in the morning as soon as you get up then 6mcg in the afternoon. Then over weeks build up. I am pretty sure about thyroid lowering cholesterol. Thyroid is the reson for the PHD of Paul Jaminet nothing else. You can see some of the low carbers getting high LDL from going low carb.

    To lose fat your insulin levels needs to be low. Thats probably the main reason most people can lose fat on LCHF. Unfortunately people like me get into a boat load of trouble with low carb mainly because of thyroid. Seeing that is why PHD exists.

    By eating starch and sweet you cannot keep insulin level low enough. Probably why Ray Peat harps on fructose than starches.



    From your labs its hard to see how your progesterone levels were high and estrogen low. I dont know what dose you were using. Small dose progesterone two weeks on and two weeks off would cause toxicity?

    Sunshine will do. Early morning or late evening. Infrared/red light can work miracles. Whether it activates the copper ions or photoelectric effect whatever who cares. It works. For a lot of things. Aging skin, energy levels, muscle aches and pains, dementia etc. If you look up Pollack videos you can see infrared can structure the water. Maybe it works though water.


  4. Hey! Sorry I haven’t been around a lot. Kind of dropped off for awhile and stopped doing everything except for the occasional blog. But I have been thinking about you! I know that’s lame, but I am always hoping that you are doing better. I’m sorry to hear that you are having a hard time though! I wouldn’t even know where to start regarding all the health stuff. Just don’t start and stop too many things and give your body a chance to recover. Sorry, I really wish I could help more : ( Just keep up some good exercise though!

  5. Hey Kat! I think about you too and check your bloggy all the time to see if there’s an update. I hope all your excellent plans work out – it would be amazing to study abroad. Re: giving my body a chance to recover, I’m afraid I’m past that point. My body doesn’t recover anymore. It just continues its downward spiral. I’m going to fix this though. Stay tuned. Thanks for visiting me!

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