I’m Due

Due for a post.  I’m not sure what to write, but I have things spinning around my brain, so let’s see what comes out.


I must talk some more about the difference eating liver has made to my skin.  Did I mention that years-old acne scars have completely disappeared? I don’t even feel the need to wear makeup anymore – my skin just has this amazing glow all the time now. It’s not oily/dry in places the way it used to be, and the color/texture is perfect.  Eat your liver!  It’s chock full of Vitamin A (as well as many other nutrients).  Only 4-6 oz, once a week.  I noticed a difference within 2 days of eating it for the first time.  I should mention I’m eating grass-fed beef liver, but until a couple weeks ago it wasn’t grass-fed – it was just regular “organic” beef liver.

I still struggle with the taste a bit.  I’ve doused it in organic ketchup and various curry sauces.  No doubt about it, it’s difficult.  It’s much less difficult if it’s soaked in milk for a couple hours, then sliced thin and cooked to just medium-rare.  If you over-cook that puppy it turns into glue once you start chewing.  Ugh.  I found these tips by Chris Masterjohn to be very helpful.  I also tried eating a bite of it raw this last time.  It was surprisingly easy.  Just put a small bite on your tongue and wash it down with milk or water.  No taste at all!  Delightful!  I’m thinking of doing the whole darn serving raw next week.


To treat my freaking weird adverse reaction to Lisinopril, I was prescribed steroids.  I like to call them ‘Roids (as does probably everyone who gets prescribed steroids for a short period of time, I’m sure…cuz it’s funny).  This was a really interesting experience for me.  I felt fantastic while taking them.  I had lots of energy and felt alert but calm.  I slept like a rock at night.  Also, oddly, in the 6 days I was taking my ‘Roids I lost 5 pounds, even though I was eating normally.  I wasn’t even avoiding carbs.  These factors, as well as a comment on my last post, made it very clear to me that I’m deficient in thyroid hormone – a precursor to pregnenolone, which is a precursor to the steroid hormones that our bodies make naturally.  Like this:

Hormone Cascade

I’m getting plenty of Vitamin A (see “Liver,” above) and Lord knows I have plenty of LDL cholesterol to spare.  What’s missing is Thyroid (T3).  So 3 days ago I started taking T3 again.  I’ve learned from Ray Peat that taking too much T3 too soon, or increasing too quickly can backfire.  Regarding T3, he says:

If too much is taken suddenly, a person who has been deficient in thyroid is likely to experience an excess of adrenaline. Since the body normally produces about 4 mcg of T3 in an hour, taking 10 or 20 mcg at once is unphysiological.

Last time I attempted to take T3, I wasn’t being very mindful of how powerful these incredibly small tablets are.  You really do have to be very careful by starting small and increasing very conservatively.  Signs of adrenaline (heart pounding, insomnia) are indicators you’ve done too much too soon.  That’s what I did last time. This time around I’m cutting these itty bitty pills into eighths, and taking only 3mcg a day.  I’ll do that for 10 days or so, and at that point I may try a second dose in the afternoon.

Also, last time around, I wasn’t eating a particularly nutritious diet.  When supplementing with T3 you need to have a nutrient-dense diet, because nutrients are used up more quickly.  In fact (and this one had me going “a-ha!”), my current metabolism and endogenous T3 production is likely directly related to my historically poor nutrition.  No nutrition, thyroid health suffers.  In other words, my metabolism and thyroid function slowed to meet my poor nutrition halfway.  So nice of it.

Vitamin K

I’ve decided to start supplementing Vitamin K.  Apparently this is the vitamin that helps calcium get into your bones/teeth and stop wandering around in your bloodstream.  Ray Peat says you can get K from well-cooked greens or veggies, or even by drinking the broth they’re cooked in.  I might get around to that…but my motivation to do so is low.  I just don’t like them much. I’ve decided to try Thorne Vitamin K drops.  It seems expensive, but there are 1200 1mg drops in each bottle, bringing down the cost per mg and making it competitive in price.

Guess that’s it for now.


7 thoughts on “I’m Due

  1. Yep. Thats kind of what I was trying to get across. You do have a knack for writing. Use coffee and aspirin while you wait to build up t3 dose. I think your Rt3 is not high. You can use a combo t3/t4. Skin is a good clue to metabolic activity and nutrition. Also if its clear less inflammation too.

  2. Yes…coffee and aspirin. It’s cool…the more aspects of Peat’s recommendations I add the better I feel. It seems that once you hit on the right thing – the thing(s) that have been missing – things turn around fairly quickly. I’m so happy you introduced me to Dr. Peat’s work!

  3. I figured out one thing; I remember from your test results you had high triglycerides, high LDL and test showed inflamations in the body. I done some reading and came to conclusion that what is main importance for energy in our body is production of ATP in the cells. There are three main components for this to occur and those are Coenzim Q-10, L-Carnitine and D-ribose. In your case I think L-Carnitine or better said lack of it plays main role for high triglycerides and high LDL in your blood. L-Carnitine converts fats into energy and promotes fat burning. I would suggest you that you try supplementing with L-Carnitine. For high blood sugar the best is to remind body that it needs to utilize that sugar for energy production, moderate excercising should help with that.

  4. Interesting. Can you link to any reading on the subject of ATP production? I’d like to learn more about this. It seems like I shouldn’t be deficient in carnitine – I regularly eat foods high in it (animal products, dairy).

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