I Am a Robot

Huh…I guess I lied about that whole needing a break from blogging thing.  Oh well…I’m sure that’s neither the first nor the last time I’ll do that.  So damn moody.

And speaking of moody, I’ve been learning that I’m a complete and utter robot, and that so much of the discomfort I feel in life comes down to two things – not having enough sugar in my diet and not having enough progesterone in my body.  For long periods of time I’ve been an irritable, tired person — increasingly over the past 2 years, but I’ve had serious bouts before that.  It wasn’t until I learned of the joys of consuming simple sugars that the fatigue started to dissipate, after many months of low-carb.  And it wasn’t till I tried progesterone supplementation (specifically Progest E) that I realized I’m not a jerk.  The estrogen in me is a jerk.  Or maybe the prolactin.  Hard to say – I think they’re in cahoots.

Now, when I get hungry/tired/cold, I drink orange juice or eat sweet fruit, and within 10 minutes I’m satisfied, alert, and warm.  (Juice does the trick faster.)

When I find myself being a bitch, thinking Ray Peat is an idiot, or hating something about my life, I take 6 drops of Progest E and within 20 minutes I’m calm, nice, and happy.  And a much better mom/wife.

It’s fairly amazing.

So next time I’m on here complaining about something, just tell me to go drink some juice and hit the progesterone.

I now accept that I have no free will.


4 thoughts on “I Am a Robot

  1. Glad to see you come around to the Peat side! Probably serotonin if I had to guess along with estrogen. At some point maybe you can check those levels. Some thyroid will help too. Are you able to keep calories in check with the juices?

  2. Yeah, I’d like to get some more testing done. We’ll see. I am taking 1/4 tab of cynoplus daily – not much, I know, but I’m taking that slowly. Calories are high with juices – like 2500/day or I feel hungry. I’ve added some greens but that doesn’t help much. If I eat a lot of whole fruit I’m only a little hungry at 2000 calories…but still hungry. It’s a choice I make daily now – do I want to be hungry or tired? So far sugar is winning because I like who I am so much more when I have energy. But did I mention I’m tired of being hungry? I read on Ray Peat forum that niacinamide can increase appetite, so I’ve stopped that, effective today. The hunger is the most immediate problem I need to tackle. If that wasn’t there I think I’d lose weight easily. As it is, I’ve gained a pound or two in the last week. I’m clearly doing something wrong.

  3. Try adding gelatin to the OJ see if that reduces hunger. Potatoes work to reduce hunger? Makes me too sleepy though.

  4. I’ve been eating bone broth with gelatin, coffee with gelatin, pretty much everything I cook I add gelatin. Potatoes reduce hunger but make me feel dead. Thanks anyway. 🙂

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