Low Cal – Day 2

So, I’m shooting for 1700 calories per day in an effort to lose weight.


  • 1911 calories
  • 128g protein (19%)
  • 92g carbs (28%)
  • 115g fat (53%)

Well, a couple of comments about this.  Clearly, I still tend to automatically go for high protein/fat when I’m hungry.  Probably in part because that’s what I’ve done for years, but also because they kill my hunger (And my motivation to live. But I digress.).  Ray Peat sometimes refers to the “Randle cycle” which is a phenomenon in which glucose oxidation is inhibited by fat.  He says this is what ACTUALLY causes type-II diabetes – not sugar.  Oh sweet lawd…NOT SUGAR!  (An aside: Fer crissakes…if I see one more reference to this study this week I’m going to throw my computer out the window. Newsflash!  Eating Poptarts and Mountain Dew isn’t good for you!  How about this for scientific integrity: Isolate your independent variable, dumbasses.  Oh geez…I think I’ve been reading too much Richard Nikoley.  I’m starting to talk like him.)

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, the Randle cycle.  I was reading up on this today, after seeing all the fat I’m still consuming (almost all of which is saturated), and found this little nugget by Dr. Peat:

The antagonism between fat and sugar that Randle described can involve the suppression of sugar oxidation when the concentration of fats in the bloodstream is increased by eating fatty food, or by releasing fats from the tissues by lipolysis, but it can also involve the suppression of fat oxidation by inhibiting the release of fatty acids from the tissues, when a sufficient amount of sugar is eaten.

Huh…I’ve heard him say that PUFAs can block the cells from using available glucose and that FFAs released by the body can do the same, but I didn’t know good fats in your diet could inhibit glucose oxidation too.  Hm….Well this changes things. I mean, my fasting blood sugar is still in the 120s most days, and not showing much improvement since I’ve given up most dietary PUFAs.  OK then – Time to go on a Peat-friendly low-fat diet.

So here are today’s Cronometer stats:

  • Calories: 2027
  • Protein: 130g (26%)
  • Carbs: 210g (40%)
  • Fat: 77g (34%)

Hm…well, that’s better than the previous day, but clearly this is going to take some tinkering.  I got really hungry – like mean-hungry, desperate-hungry…eat pasta hungry (didn’t, but wanted to).  I don’t know how to cut these calories without hunger.  I guess maybe, like everything else, this is going to be a process…and it’ll take time.

And here’s another psychological challenge that’s in the works for me.  I’ve managed to give up starches (6 days now) but how I manage to keep from being hungry is sipping on honey-sweetened coffee or orange juice throughout the day.  I’m becoming concerned about the effect of sugar on my teeth.  I understand it’s not just the tooth’s exposure to sugar that causes cavities – it’s also nutritional status, the presence of specific kinds of bacteria in the mouth and other variables.  I think this paper does a nice job of describing the pathology behind tooth decay.  I’ve been rinsing my mouth periodically with water/baking soda as Peat recommends, but this is still on my mind a lot.  I really don’t want a mouth full of bad teeth.

Anyway…till next time.

5 thoughts on “Low Cal – Day 2

  1. newtopaleo

    getting the fat below 30% seems too hard for us because our total calorie intake is low. (check fat content in just one beef patty to see what I mean). If you can bump up zero fat greek yogurt, low fat cheese and orange juice the ratio will look better but then total calories would be much higher. Definitely possible once you add some thyroid into the mix I think.
    For teeth its the acid plus anything that sticks that is sugary. I dont think the sugar in orange juice would stick say when compared to a piece of candy. Just use a straw if you are worried. A little bicarb would take out the acid in the juice. My teeth would get sensitive with orange juice early days into the plan but not anymore. Not sure if its the improved thyroid function or something else that protects the teeth.

  2. I would be willing to stay at this weight longer if I can get my body able to use glucose more efficiently. Maybe I’ll try the low-fat dairy and stop with the cheese for a while…and the butter and the coconut oil. Limit to one egg per day. I’ve been low-PUFA (eggs only) for weeks now with little effect so I’m really wondering if my higher-fat diet is interfering. I’m excited to find out! Will start now.

    And yes, a straw is a good idea. Thanks, 🙂

  3. I just found your blog recently while doing some searching about progest-e, I think. I’ve been doing paleo/primal eating for a couple of years, but introducing some more Peat concepts over time. Higher carb definitely suits me better, but my mouth is really sensitive to acids (hard to eat a lot of fruits/drink OJ).

    Thank you for sharing your experiments 🙂

    Would you mind re-capping what supplements or medications you’re currently taking?

  4. Hi Tasha –

    Currently I’m taking the following supplements:

    DIM (100mg/day)
    Calcium-D Glucarate (500mg/day)
    Vitamin D (5000 IU)
    Vitamin K (5mg/day)
    Progest E (20mg/6 drops/day)
    Pregnenolone (300mg/week)
    CoQ10 Ubiquinol (100mg/day)
    Magnesium (400mg/day)
    Niacinamide (500mg/day)

    The ones I know are effective for me are the Progest E, Pregnenolone, and Vitamin D. The others are things I’m told I should take, but I can’t feel any specific benefit. The DIM and Calcium-D Glucarate may or may not be helping to manage estrogen – I’m not sure. I can’t definitely say I feel much different if I take them or not, but estrogen is a big enough problem for me that I’m doing whatever MIGHT work to manage it.

    Thanks for reading!

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