Experiment: Resistant Starch + Probiotics

It’s time for me to stop avoiding starches. I just can’t imagine a life of getting all of my carbohydrates from sugar (and my body has rejected that idea anyway). Today I started my second resistant starch (RS) experiment, this time combining it with highly-recommended probiotics:

The three probiotics I’ll be using:

Assuming all goes well I’ll be starting with 1 capsule a day, maybe attempting 2 a day, basically alternating brands to increase exposure to the various strains of bacteria they contain.

Yes, I know in the discussion following my previous RS experiment I referenced a study that suggested that potato starch (PS) could cause physiological problems with long-term use due to persorption of large starch particles clogging arterioles throughout the body.  But you know what else causes problems long term?  Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and low HDL…all of which I already have for sure.  I’ve decided the possibility of trading a few of these current problems is worth the risk. Also, there are many forms of resistant starch – potato starch just happens to be dirt cheap, widely available, and very effective for many who try it.  I may start with that because I already have it, and then transition to something else, such as green bananas, banana flour, or plantain flour.  I’ve attempted to research the particle sizes of these other forms of RS, but there’s not a lot of (free) information out there.  At some point analysis becomes paralysis, and you just have to take a chance.  Of course, real food can also contain resistant starch – I’m supplementing to begin because the resistant starch in the PS is concentrated and I know what I’m getting.  I have damage to fix – no time to mess around!

I’ve hesitated to embark on another RS experiment, not just because of the persorption issue, but also because I felt really bad last time I tried it – headaches, severe gastrointestinal distress, depression, symptoms of high estrogen.  These symptoms cropped up when I attempted to eat more than 1 tsp of PS at a time. Folks in the know seem to think this is because my gut bacteria is not good.  I have had 2 rounds of antibiotics within the last 12 months, so this wouldn’t be surprising. I’m keeping the dose low at first and introducing the probiotics.  I’ll increase the quantity of RS over time.

Before starting this experiment, I arranged to have my gut biome analyzed through the American Gut Project as a pre-test baseline.  In 3-6 months I’ll get the results.  Then in a few months I’ll get a follow-up test done to see what changed. Wouldn’t it be interesting if my gut biome was stellar and I still felt like crap?  hahaha

I just took my first dose of Prescript Assist, combined with 1 teaspoon of potato starch. One itty-bitty teaspoon.  I hope my gut cooperates.


3 thoughts on “Experiment: Resistant Starch + Probiotics

  1. Any notes to see what your mood was when you were on the antibiotic? Wondering if it was better from a temporary lowering of endotoxin and serotonin.

  2. That’s an interesting question – So I looked back. On 5/29/13 I wrote that I had just started antibiotics the previous day.


    About 10 days later I wrote that I never feel good and maybe I should start the potato diet.


    So clearly, there was no change to feeling fabulous as a result of that round. However, the second time I took them (November 2013) I felt awesome:


    That round of antibiotics was confounded by taking steroid medication at the same time. (I had strep throat and also uvulitis). So hard to say whether or not it was the antibiotics that made me feel better.

    I think the antibiotics messed up my gut and have ruined my ability to tolerate starch. I don’t remember having this problem before. Then again, who knows what damage low-carb has done.

  3. I think they are both problematic. Especially fluoroquinolones can do serious damage. Well the plan with the fructose and thyroid is to create more of the fun steroids downstream so you will feel like you are on steroids! Takes some time though. I am doing better than last year and way better than the year before but still a long way to go.

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