Had a basic lab panel done.

Context – I have several problematic gut-oriented health issues right now including (possibly) SIBO, parasites, high serotonin, and a history of significant depression and mild anxiety closely related to what I eat.  Just before the current lab draw I was taking herbal antibiotics to kill off the problematic SIBO bugs.  It was not successful, and I stopped several days before the labs.

Notable results: 

  • Cholesterol has come down for some reason.  I wonder if my gut problems are at the root of this.
  • Same with hs-CRP – still high at 6.83, but that’s the lowest reading I’ve had since I started testing almost 3 years ago.

Better Now

I took a few days off from all herbal antibiotics and the yucky symptoms continued, even when I haven’t eaten anything outside the SCD or low-FODMAP diet plans – loose stools and lots of bloating.  Couldn’t understand it.  Then it occurred to me I had been eating red meat – in the form of beef broth and gelatious cuts of beef.  I recall reading that iron-rich foods can feed bacteria when you have SIBO.

So today, no beef.  I also added the allicin and oregano oil back in.  Left the berberine out.  Feeling better.  Bloating is improved, less stomach upset and elimination problems.  I may add berberine back in  tomorrow on a trial basis.

So I’m going to continue this – substituting chicken and seafood for beef, and taking the allicin and oregano oil.

Down 4 pounds – appetite is fairly low, and options are few so this has happened effortlessly.

Fasting blood sugar was 120 this morning.  And just like that, not diabetic!

Temp and pulse are still good…thyroid not suffering yet.

I’m starting to think gut bacteria play a massive role in health and in the diverse responses people have to different diets, supplements, and interventions.

Made an appointment with a naturopath.  2 month wait.

I’m feeling grateful right now to all the people who have made so much great information available on this topic for free – Ray Medina, Allison Siebecker, and Sean Croxton in particular.

I’m looking forward to being on the other side of this, looking back.

Wrong Turn

I seem to have taken a wrong turn in my healing.  Or maybe I’m on the wrong road altogether.

I had a “bad” meal including starchy food a couple days ago, and I’ve been feeling pretty bad.  Two nights of insomnia, continued bouts of loose stools and abdominal bloating.  I’m starting to wonder if maybe this herbal antibiotic mess is doing more harm than good. Bloating I’ve had, but the insomnia is new.

I’m considering a very low carb diet – maybe just orange juice as the only carbohydrate – for a while. My thyroid can recover later. I can’t tolerate any dairy at all now – not cheese, sour cream, and certainly not milk or yogurt.  My diet is so narrow now – the only things that definitely seem fine are meat, broth, and orange juice.  I tried to eat cooked spinach today that had sour cream mixed in and here I am awake at 4AM, worrying about my life and unable to fall asleep again.

I screwed my health up.  I feel really stupid.

I’m afraid this blog is going to hurt people.  People do web searches for things like “Progesterone toxicity” or “Garlic for SIBO” and land on a page where I said something stupid months or years ago.  They don’t read the whole blog to learn that “Garlic for SIBO” is a dumb idea because the inulin in the garlic actually feeds the stupid gut bugs in your small intestine.  They don’t keep going to find out that I was WRONG about progesterone toxicity – that in fact it was the ESTROGEN part of the Wiley protocol that made me insane and unable to cope with life.  I keep telling myself I’ll go back through the posts one at a time and add disclaimers at the bottom of each one saying something like, “Future Lanie realized that she was wrong on this date in 2012, and that progesterone is not actually toxic after all.”  But really…who has the time for that.

On the plus side, my new job is completely stress free and has great medical benefits that kick in in February, so I’ll be able to see a doc at that point.  I’m considering trying to manage this with diet until then.  Allison Siebecker’s SIBO diet may be what I need for now.

I think I’ll keep taking berberine and give the other herbals a rest.

Did I mention I feel stupid?