I’ve started and stopped several posts.  I’m not sure but my attention span may be struggling a little.  I’m having a harder time sitting down and getting things done.  This could be related to my increased libido as of late. Hm.



  • Hot flashes are gone again.  They gradually dwindled after my Dairy Fail, and now gone.
  • I’ve started tapering my blood pressure medicine.  BP is 133/80 this morning, which is actually improved from where I started; taking 2 medications it was still 151/95 two months ago.
  • Pulse has dropped into the high 60s (egad!).
  • Fasting blood sugar this morning: 97 mg/dl (an improvement of 50-60 points from where I started).
  • Weight this morning: 192.5 (15 pounds lost).
  • I’m eating meat, vegetables, eggs, and saturated fats (coconut oil and animal fat, and some ghee) and drinking water.  That’s it.  I was eating olive oil and stopped because I noticed my blood sugar trending up.  Olive oil – even a brand that is pure olive oil (not one of those not-really-olive-oil brands) is still 12% PUFA.  I think that and roasted macadamia nuts (trans fats from roasting?) were the cause of upward trend.  When I stopped eating those two things my blood sugar trended down again.

Supplements these days are as follows (I’m intentionally omitting the dosages for various reasons, but if you’re curious you can email me and I’ll tell you more):

  • DHEA
  • Pregnenolone
  • Licorice Root
  • R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Multivitamin with the methylated forms of Folate, B6 and B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • NAC
  • Probiotic
  • CoQ10

Looking at the health plan developed for me by my coaches at Nourish Balance Thrive it appears I’m supposed to be starting some kind of bionic fiber powder.  Interesting.  Bionic.

I’ve also been taking 100mg of aspirin powder 2x a day to see if it helps with my weird neuro tic, and some oyster shell calcium powder because I worry about calcium intake.  Neither of these supplements were recommended by NBT.

I’m so grateful to my coach Amelia at NBT for reaching out to me on this blog and letting me know HOW it was possible for me to feel good again.  I’m enjoying my life again, every day.


Quit taking Berberine yesterday.  Loose stools.  I tolerated it for a while for the sake of my blood sugar, so we’ll see if that improves.

My weird neuro tic returned a few weeks ago and is really annoying right now.  I’m not sure what causes it.  I suspect stress on the body in one form or another – probably losing weight is releasing toxic junk into my system that’s stressful to manage.

Blood sugar control is good.

I’ve been advised to start walking and lift heavy things as the next step in my progression toward health, now that I’m feeling more energetic.  I’m trying to work that into my mental picture of my day.  In other words, I haven’t started that yet.

I’ve been learning a lot lately about MTHFR mutations lately.  My husband has 2 copies of the MTHFR 667C mutation, while my daughter and I both have one.  Just for fun I started him on methylated forms of folate and B12.  He’s all relaxed and mellow now.

I love science.

Quickie Update

Down 13 pounds today from where I started to 194.

Blood pressure is coming down – It’s still medicated by Big Pharma, but even that wasn’t enough to get it down this far.  This morning’s BP was 120/77.  I’m going to start tapering the meds down gradually next week.

Blood sugar is doing better – fasting blood glucose is now averaging closer to 100 again.

I stopped taking the Prescript Assist probiotics and the headaches went away.  I’ll probably add it again and see if they come back.  In the meantime I’ve been taking another probiotic.

Moods are good most of the time but I often crash and get weepy at night.  I think there’s increased estrogen from fat cells being used for fuel.  It’s not awful.


Well a change in 3 supplements last week and something isn’t agreeing with me.  I’m having stabby headaches in a very specific spot on the left side of my head for the last 2 days, sugar cravings, and today I’m having heartburn and insomnia.  Diet hasn’t changed.

One of the supplements was an upgrade to a better multivitamin (we’ll see about that), one was a substitution because there’s a backorder on a product, and one was the addition of a probiotic.  I know ideally we should change one thing at a time, but that’s not how it works sometimes.  I’m sort of blaming the probiotic since I’ve had a problem in the past with headaches after starting to take one.  I’m not someone who gets a lot of headaches.

I’m putting a hold on that probiotic for now.  I have others I could try.

Oh and I’m up at 2:30 in the morning.

Hopefully this is a transitory thing.

I showed my doc the blood sugar graph – she seemed impressed.


So, since my dairy fail, things haven’t gotten quite back to normal.  I’m still having hot flashes that started again the day after I decided dairy means the fucking world to me and I have to have cottage cheese or I’m going to die.   Also my blood sugar is not cooperating quite as much anymore.  Here’s a graph (click to enlarge):


Things were going so well and I had to go and tinker with it.  My fasting blood sugar is regularly around 120 now (worse), and post-prandial is in the 90s – which is OK, but it was in the 80s before.  Did I break something with my foray into the world of dairy?

Supplements are changing this week.  I’m done with the antimicrobials and I’m adding a probiotic 2x a day.  Also, my NBT team recommended a cool new fancy multivitamin, so that switch happened this week.

So what the hell is going on with my blood sugar?  My diet hasn’t changed….and the change in blood sugar precedes any change in supplements.

I’m feeling really good again, so really all is well.  Except the hot flashes and the blood sugar.  I was going to get some labs done to track progress but I’m waiting until these things even out again.  Stupid dairy.

Other updates: I’m doing the Level 1 course over at Metabolic Fitness Pro. Really excited about learning more about physiology and biochemistry.

I was hoping I’d be off my blood pressure meds by now, but I’m not.  So I have to go back to my doc on Monday and have “the talk” about how I’m not taking my metformin.  I’ll bring graphs.

I’ve lost 10 pounds now.  I wish it was a quicker process but I feel so much better it’s really ok at this pace.

Skin Tag Remedy

Things have been busy – my husband started his new job so we’re in the process of re-arranging our routines.  My time for writing is in flux now.  I’m sure I’ll carve out a space for it again, but for now it’s no longer part of the routine.

I’m back to feeling awesome again after my dairy fail.  Blood sugar is a little off though, but I think it’s unrelated to the dairy.  I’ll share a graph and more details about this in a few days after I have a few more data points.  Suffice it to say I blame PUFA.

Helpful Health Hint:  Want to know how to get rid of skin tags?  Quickly, I mean. I developed several of them over the last few years and I tried a Facebook remedy that actually worked.  To get rid of skin tags you dip the gauze part of a bandaid in apple cider vinegar (Does it have to be ACV?  I don’t know.  But that’s what was told to me and that’s what I used).  Put the bandaid over the skin tag overnight.  Do this every night for a week.  Within a week the skin tag turns black and falls off.  A miracle!  I actually had to stop at 3 nights because the adhesive on the bandaid started irritating my skin.  3 nights was enough for a couple of them and a couple of them survived…so a week is better if you can manage it.