Quickie Update

Down 13 pounds today from where I started to 194.

Blood pressure is coming down – It’s still medicated by Big Pharma, but even that wasn’t enough to get it down this far.  This morning’s BP was 120/77.  I’m going to start tapering the meds down gradually next week.

Blood sugar is doing better – fasting blood glucose is now averaging closer to 100 again.

I stopped taking the Prescript Assist probiotics and the headaches went away.  I’ll probably add it again and see if they come back.  In the meantime I’ve been taking another probiotic.

Moods are good most of the time but I often crash and get weepy at night.  I think there’s increased estrogen from fat cells being used for fuel.  It’s not awful.

12 thoughts on “Quickie Update

  1. 13 lbs sounds good. Still not convinced about probiotics. Add some progesterone back at night?

  2. NIce to see you are going in a good direction. I am still on the fence for taking progesterone. I’m into menopause now for 6 years and wonder if starting it now will effect me. Any thoughts on starting it this late in the game? I could buy Ray’s product or go with a product that a friend thorougly researched called NatPro.

    I just got my labs back. I’m still Peating, but I was actually losing weight, body fat, inches. I was never heavy, but when I started Peating after low carbing and intermitten fasting, I went up to 120 (I’m 5’3). Now, I’m 114. Not sure if it’s because I walk alot over my workouts and try to be mindful about moving.

    So the labs came back with my cholesterol at 303 (came down from 367)
    HDL went from the 80s to 75 but my Trigs went to 91 from 109.
    LDL still over 200 I’m guessing it’s my thyroid. I’m not on any meds at all.
    VLDL 18 (came down from 21)
    My FBG was 94. I tested it at home before the test and it was 90. The meter strips suck..just sayin.
    My A1C is stuck up there at 5.9.
    CRP was 0.4
    TSH 3.02 (came down from 3.28)
    Still waiting for the results of the free t3/t4
    Still waiting for my fasting insulin number.
    My doctor’s office is extremely incompetent. Ha..big surprise, right?

    My dillemma is that all I really added to my diet was fruit, OJ and some honey to coffee.
    I would have a potato or sweet potato occasionally. I cut them out completely now. I still do the carrot salads. I just cannot understand why the A1C makes me prediabetic.

    I got my A1C to 5.2 when I was low carbing, but that shot my TSH up to over 5.
    Very frustrating.

  3. 200-250 would be a good target or cholesterol. Means your LDL needs to fall quite a bit. Will do with thyroid. TSH of 3+ seems to agree. Progesterone in small doses will be helpful yes. between 90 and 94 not much of a difference. Accurate enough. Even at 94 you are nowhere close to being diabetic. The A1c likely represents insulin resistance which shold show up as a higher fasting insulin level. Low carbing can get you into that hole yes. Walking a lot sounds good. Keeping endotoxin levels low would be key to reducing insulin resistance.

  4. I agree with most of what newtopaleo says…but I’m not convinced “low carbing” causes low thyroid. I think low carbing while eating lots of chicken skin and nuts certainly can but not because of the lack of carbs….because of the PUFAs. Insulin resistance, according to Peat, is also caused by PUFAs – not by eating sugar. I couldn’t wait around to find out for sure so I cut the carbs out to drop insulin and blood sugar. Ok, I guess I don’t agree after all. 🙂 I’m getting some testing done this week. If my TSH has risen I’ll probably be eating my words.

  5. You need decent glycogen stores to keep the liver happy enough to convert t4 to t3. Sugar is hard to ferment and cause endotoxin to rise especially monosaccharides. Starches are another story.

  6. Monosaccharides cause endotoxin to increase? That wasn’t my experience at all. As for the thyroid stuff, we’ll let the labs do the talking.

  7. Meant the opposite. Sugars are harder to ferment. Monosaccharides even harder. Starches would be easier to ferment. So endotoxin would be highest with starches especially if combined with PUFA which would increase absorption. It may take time but I don’t doubt low carb would raise TSH and rT3. Short durations may be tolerated better but varies among individuals.

  8. Progesterone binds to the receptor for an inhibitory neurotransmitter called GABA and so is great for sleep. My progesterone was elevated once and at the same time I was really weepy. It was hilarious! children’s books would make me cry!

  9. Well I finally got my fasting insulin test back. They are so incompetent that they left out the free t3 and free t4. Hopefully, I will get those soon. So the fasting insulin was 6. That is what is was last time. I know that anything under 6 is ok, but the lower the better. I’m still doing carrot salads. I wonder if I should drop those. Newtopaleo, I got confused about the monsaccaride comment also, but I see you corrected it. Honey is one , fruit is also. I keep the honey to a minimum and some days don’t use any. I still do the fruit. No more potatoes. Dairy has some sugars but I can’t imagine they could be causing the rise. I eat Fage Yogurt 2% and Kalona Cottage Cheese along with Regiiano and other hard cheeses. I don’t do well with milk, so I use Half and Half for coffee.

    I will low carb on some meals (breakfast, for example) as they say you are most insulin resistant in the AM. I’ve heard advice that intermittent fasting will bring down the fasting insulin levels too. I don’t want to do that as I think that is what got me into thyroid trouble. I used to IF everyday for about 2 years or so. I would exercise in the early part of the day while fasted. Never felt weak or starving but who knows what damage was happening. I’ve been Peating for a year so you would think that my body would have adapted by now. I lost body fat and a few lbs., so it seems so strange to me.
    So here is what is interesting too. Exactly 2 years, when I was still low carbing, my FBG was 66 and my A1C was 5.2. TSH was 3.32 (not bad considering I carbed up and it is still at 3.02. Free t4 was 1.21.
    On this test my Trigs were 87. My Trigs now are 91. On this test my uric acid was flagged high at 7.5.

    Ok, so last June, when I was just starting the “Peat”, my fasting insulin went to 10 and my A1C to 6.0. FBG was 95.
    Makes me wonder if my body is adapting or I should be lowering the carbs.

    Lanie, that is what is tempting me too..going low carb to drop the A1C and the insulin. I just worry that I will gain weight and/or screw up my thyroid again. Do let us know about your lab results.

    I have been weight training for over 3 decades. I lift in the late afternoon for 3 days a week.
    I walk in the mornings (after breakfast). On my off train days, I walk in the morning, then after dinner ..30 mins each. In the cooler weather, I would shoot hoops for 20 mins on my off lifting days about 4PM (before dinner). So I think that took some fat off too. I’m having issues with my feet now, so not sure if basketball is still in the cards.

  10. BTW..on that same test back in May of 2013, still low carbing, I had a fasting insulin of 7.3. So here I was with a BG of 66, an A1C of 5.2 and an insulin of 7.3. Go figure!

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