Current Plan – 3 Month Review

Well it’s been 3 months since I started following a diet (low-carb paleo) and supplement plan recommended by Amelia and Christopher at Nourish Balance Thrive.


I had a bunch of testing done:

  • Biohealth 205 Adrenal Stress Profile (hormones)
  • Organix Comprehensive Profile (test for nutrient deficiencies, detox pathways, gut issues – an amazing test actually)
  • Biohealth 401 GI Pathogen Screen (gut pathogens)
  • Biohealth 418 H. Pylori Screen (H. Pylori)
  • Genova GI Effects Microbial Profile (gut pathogens)

NBT developed a health plan for me that included a crap-ton of supplements.  It was a little overwhelming at first, but now that I’ve learned more about each of these I can see that each one of them is completely necessary and all are well-supported scientifically.

A couple weeks into my plan with NBT I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  I already had all the markers of metabolic syndrome (obesity, high blood pressure, excess abdominal fat, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, high fasting blood sugar).  This latest diagnosis really got my attention.  I had suspected diabetes, but it was actually confirmed by someone in a white coat, and Metformin was prescribed.  I took that for 5 days and then quit, committing fully to the NBT recommendations instead.

The Process:

Overall I’ve been very happy with how things are going.  In the last 3 months I’ve had the following results:

Blood sugar:

  • Before: When I started my fasting blood sugar averaged 146, and post prandial (2 hours post-meals) averaged 149.
  • Now: Fasting blood sugar over the past week averages 103.  Post prandial blood sugar averages 95.

Weight loss – Down 16 pounds from 207 to 191.  My fancy scale tells me I’ve lost 4 pounds of water, 10 pounds of fat and 1 pound of muscle.  I have done some walking 2-3 times a week, but otherwise no real exercise during the past 3 months.

Energy/mood/libido – Vast improvements in all of these areas.

I’ve had some bumps along the way, most notably when I decided to add dairy back in to my diet for a couple of days (note: this was NOT the recommendation of NBT).  Also, most recently adding prebiotic fibers (to feed the probiotics), I got to remember what it’s like to feel depressed.  Needless to say I’ve again quit dairy and fibers.

The best part about this process has been learning that there are little-known SCIENTIFICALLY SOUND medical interventions that some doctors and practitioners are doing, based on testing.  None of this get-on-facebook-and-fix-yourself kind of stuff I was doing for the last 3 years – there are amazing tests that give you a ton of information about your state of health and there are amazing products to support your recovery.  Guessing is absolutely not necessary.

Going Forward

I’ve got a coaching call scheduled with Chris Kelly on Monday.  Depression has abated since I quit the fibers but fatigue and bloating are now present – these were gone and now they’re back.   Also, I haven’t lost any weight since I added the fibers in 10 days ago.  Not ok – I still have 30-40 pounds to go!  I’ll be doing a ubiome test to see what’s going on in my gut these days.  I’m considering another round of antimicrobials to undo whatever I did with the fibers.  Lots of variables.

7 thoughts on “Current Plan – 3 Month Review

  1. Some good. Some bad. I really dont like most of your numbers in last labs. The benefits may be from the antimicrobials in terms of blood sugar(berberine for example). You are starving your pathway reducing pregnenolone (rising LDL, rising rT3) and then adding supplements at various steps back in. Try to add back in as much honey or fruits as possible without derailing the whole plan. Sure all the lab changes were expected but that doesnt make me happy seeing it. I am still not convinced about iral probiotics and that is what caused the setback. Adding fuel to the fire by fermentable fiber doesnt help things. As evidenced by depressive episodes.

  2. My labs were worse on Peat – triglycerides in the 500s (and over 250 when I cut back on the sugar), cholesterol over 300. The probiotics didn’t cause the problem – it was caused by the fibers. The probiotics didn’t help though.

  3. Well just pointing out the problems before they snowball. Maybe dairy doesnt work for you. Doesnt make Peat wrong. Everything about your labs screaming for you to change something. Thyroid function is deteriorating, you mentioned your HR running low, Co2 is lower end of lab scale, LDL rising (cortisol probably falling), etc Is low carb your addon to their plan or their plan?

  4. I appreciate that you’re looking out for me. I’ve lost faith in Peat. He’s wrong about dairy but he’s also wrong about sugar being right for everyone and he has no respect for the role of genetics. My organic acids test showed I was having methylation problems, probably due to MTHFR mutations. I’m now taking methylated folate and B12, which may be contributing to my improved energy, mood, and other things. The bottom line though is that I felt terrible on Peat and now I don’t. Why would I want to go back to feeling terrible?

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