Square One

After 5 or 6 days of high carb, low-fat I again felt like binge eating.  Nutritional needs not being met, I suppose.

In the last 2 days I’ve been eating “intuitively”.  In the last week I’ve gained 4 pounds.  I guess I could go back to Alt Shift.  I’m just so sick of my hair falling out, so I don’t know if low carb – even part time – is the right thing anymore.

Maybe the key for me is to focus on dietary fiber – get the gut critters in better shape.

I’ll think about that.

I <3 Carbs

How is it possible that a large percentage of my diet has been coming from carbohydrates the last 5 days – 6 if you include the carb binge at the end of the day before that – and today my fasting blood sugar is 99?  The last time it was in the 90s was 6 weeks ago, the day after I started taking Elixa Probiotic.  There’s only one day recently it was lower than that – on 10/5/15 my fasting blood glucose was 88 – the lowest documented in years – and that was the day after I ate a bunch of dried apricots before bed.  I was having heart palpitations from low potassium, so I ate about 20 of them.

I just ate an amazing breakfast that included about 1/3 cup of rice.  I haven’t had rice for breakfast since my honeymoon in Hawaii in 2006.  I’m curious how this is going to feel throughout the morning.  Will I be starving by 9AM the way I always was on my Peaty breakfast of orange juice and cheese?

Done with Alt Shift

Does that seem sudden?

I couldn’t bear to go back to low carb.  I’m going to try a high carb low-fat diet for a while.  Sorry Low Carb – I’m just not that into you anymore.

Here’s the funny thing about diets.  By the time they fail, by the time you’re regaining the weight you lost, you’re not blaming the diet – you’re blaming yourself.  Low Carb worked pretty well for me for about 3 months.  During that time I lost almost 20 pounds.  Then I couldn’t lose any more and I started to feel tired and my hair started falling out. I started having carb binges, so I was really excited to have Alt Shift roll around, with it’s day’s-long carbstravaganza.  And wow – I felt so much better with some carbs in my world.

I think a lot of the nonsense I’ve experienced over the last few years – the crazy mood problems, the gut dysbiosis, the fatigue, has been due to following stupid diets.

Now I’m worse off than ever – diabetic, hypertensive, high cholesterol and high triglycerides, and I’m not even very nice to be around.  Maybe screw all of them and let’s just do what feels good for a while.

What if a low fat diet and some exercise is all I need?  I would laugh my ass off if that actually worked.  Oh the time I will have wasted trying to find a way around that.

Ok, I’m ready.  Tell me how wrong I am.

Alt Shift – 2 Week Review

I feel awesome on the Alt Shift Diet. My body is so happy to have carbohydrates!  Blood sugar is well managed and I’m down 2 pounds.  My results are pretty meager compared to a lot of others on the Alt Shift Facebook board, but this may be because I’m absolutely not participating in the calorie counting that some are doing.  It’s not required, but I’m sure people able to survive on 1800 calories a day are losing more quickly than I am.  At this point I’m in it for feeling better.  I didn’t realize how low my energy had become on low carb.

There’s also an Alt Shift podcast, but I haven’t been impressed with it yet.  It’s like a half-hour long testimonial about how great it is. Maybe it will become more informational, but it seems they’re worried about losing sales if they share too much detail about the plan.  I guess I can understand that.  That’s why I’m not sharing much of the info on the diet here.  It seems to be helping people and the people who developed it should benefit from that.  I can tell you it’s a pretty simple plan.

My hot flashes have crept back in over the last few weeks.  It was a nice 5 minutes without them, and they’re not as bad as they were before.  Continuing on with the Black Cohosh for now.

Alt Shift – 1 Week Review

I’m on day 9 of the Alt Shift Diet.  I’ve stuck to it very closely in all respects.  The book give caloric MINIMUMS you should hit, because apparently many MANY people eat far too little.  I’m not one of them. I counted macros/calories for only a couple of days, just to make sure I was in the right overall range.  My calories were not super low or super high, and according to the book, should probably be ok.

Net results so far: Weight and measurements are unchanged.  Blood sugar control is better and I feel better.

Alt shift has a period of low carb and a period of low fat.  The low carb phase is basically how I’ve been eating for the past 8 months, so no adjustment needed there.  The low fat phase is also high carb and I wasn’t sure how that was going to go.  Turned out it went great.  My blood sugar was well managed and I felt full between meals for hours.  It was so nice to be able to forget about eating for like 5 hours in a row.  I used to feel that way about low carb, but now, no matter how much low carb food I eat, I’m hungry after 3 hours or so.

I’ll continue on with this – I was hoping it would help me lose pounds and inches – for vanity’s sake of course, but also as a means to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar.  I feel good so I’ll keep going, despite having no results in this area yet.

I should mention that eating lots of rice and corn tortillas over the last few days has resulted in NO depression, fatigue or mood problems.  Granted, these are not high fiber foods, but they are starches, and would have been a problem for me a few months ago.  There is a definite improvement in my gut health. The factors I suspect may be helping are L-glutamine, which I took for a month or so and then stopped; Turmeric, which I continue to take; and probiotics – Elixa and VSL3, the latter of which I continue to take.  It’s a relief to not have to be so careful.

Probiotics for the win?  Maybe!