/end low carb life

I’m permanently done with low carb eating.

I continue to be freaked out by losing hair.  I wonder how long it’s going to take for this to stop.

N2P, I know you told me not to go low carb.  I had to try it. It’s like a ratty old security blanket that I’ve come back to year after year since I was about 20 years old.

I remember my first low carb experience.  I dropped 5 or 6 pounds quickly and was very motivated and excited to continue, but I was running across a busy street one day, probably a couple weeks into my low-carb experience, and I noticed my legs felt really heavy and tired.  It took a lot more effort than it had previously.  This was 1989.

Flash forward to 1997.  Boyfriend tells me, “Oh no…you’re going on another low carb diet?  You’re cranky on low carb.”

Flash forward to 2002.  Lincoln Park Athletic Club in Chicago.  I always wore a heart rate monitor, and had been taking spin classes for a couple of months. It was common for me to get my heart rate up to 140 or 150 during the class, and I loved the exertion.  Then I went on my 428th low carb diet – you know, because the previous 427 had worked so well – and suddenly my heart rate wouldn’t go over 125 without becoming too tired to continue.  I remember tapping on my monitor…because, you know, this thing must be broken.

Flash forward to 2006.  Place: A hair salon in Buttcramp, IL.  The stylist told me my hair is falling out.  I ignored him and never went back, silently blaming him for my lack of lustrous locks.  But I never forget that he had the guts to tell me that.

Why did I keep going back to low carb, given this pattern?  Well, I always felt “better” on low carb.  More energy.  Less tired.  Carbs always made me feel exhausted.  I now realize the carbohydrates were lowering my stress hormones, allowing me to feel my true fatigue.  The same thing that was keeping me alert was making my hair fall out and killing my sex drive. Cortisol and adrenaline.

I assumed a Ray Peat lifestyle in 2013 and within about 6 months my hair grew in nice and thick.  Went back to low carb in February 2015 and now my hair is falling out again.

At least I know what to do to turn this around. I’m going to eat carbohydrates at every meal for the rest of my life.  Now…which carbohydrates can I eat, being T2 diabetic?  I’m formulating a new plan.

Thanks to my awesome commenters for reminding me that low carb isn’t right for me and for pointing me in a better direction.

20 thoughts on “/end low carb life

  1. Cathy B.

    Friends don’t let friends eat low-carb. 🙂 As a diabetic type two, I have been experimenting with starches recently and find they do not increase my blood sugar UNLESS I eat them with a lot of meat and/or fat. As long as I have it with veggies, like minestrone soup or pasta with tomato sauce and light sprinkling of cheese, no problem. I do well with pasta and beans.

  2. Cathy B.

    I should add that I am still eating intuitively with a Peat influence. Whether I am eating proteins or starches, I always balance them with sugar, fruit, juice, or Mexican Coke. It may make the blood sugar a little higher initially, but it brings it down much faster because of the sugar suppressing the cortisol. After my initial 30 pound gain my first year of Peating, I have lost 55 pounds eating this way, always eating to the point of satisfaction.

  3. Toni

    Have you listened to the Nitric Oxide youtube interview with Georgi and Danny Roddy? Of course all have been good but this one talks about MB putting the cells back in good working order.

  4. SWOT

    You could slowly titrate your carb load up to see how much you need to get rid of the low-carb annoyances. Some people do better on a reduced carb 50-100g diet, for example.

  5. pennykeay

    I too am a Type 2 and discovered low carb originally got my values under control but after a year then it screwed up my adrenals and my thyroid worse than before.

    It tried Peat, didn’t work for me.

    Discovered controlling my portions, spreading out my meals but eating in a 12 hour window , getting enough potassium and magnesium, Vit D and Vit C and the gamet of B’s – finally things are working.

    I’ve lost 30 lbs since january 2015 and my Blood sugars are finally getting down there – soon I hope to be in the Pre-diabetic stage again and not the Type 2 stage any more. I follow several different methods – the Simple Diet, The 3-400 calorie (3-4 meals a day each with that many calories) and it is working.

    I find that bread made from wheat wreaks havoc on my values – but not rice or potatoes.

    Lanie, I do hope you can find a happy medium. I do believe you will.

    Smile – things will get better – because you unlike so many folks don’t even try to fix their health naturally – they just go for the drugs that never really help in the long run.

  6. pennykeay

    Forgot to mention – the only real exercise I get is walking for 20 minutes 3-4 times a week. Besides I’m on my feet all day while working.

  7. Yes, I’ve considered it. I don’t know what my body can tolerate right now I want my hair to stop falling out and I want my thyroid labs to improve – I don’t want to wait until I’m half bald to figure out I can’t tolerate even low carb. At some point maybe I’ll experiment with lowering again, but for now I just want this to stop.

  8. I haven’t listened to that one, but I did listen to a podcast with Georgi and Danny last week. I found that I just don’t agree with the all-or-nothing Peat perspective. I appreciate many of Peat’s contributions to the world of health and nutrition, but my health got worse following his recommendations and the Peat dogma doesn’t seem to allow for questioning. I think different people need different approaches.

  9. I think something like hair loss probably takes some time to stop and turn around, so I don’t know how I would know when I’ve reached that threshold. I’m done with low carb. I don’t see the point. What Ray Peat says about it is true – it’s stressful on the body. My body can’t handle that stress anymore.

  10. SWOT

    Were you getting it through real foods like beans/unripe bananas, or processed stuff like potato flour? I’m asking b/c I saw a study where they did it with processed stuff (I think in pigs), and they noticed it was grabbed at the beginning of the intestine, (I think it may have lead to SIBO) and not towards the end). Real food works better.

  11. I’ve gotten it through cooked and cooled starches, like rice, pasta, and potatoes, I tried potato starch, and also green bananas. I haven’t tried beans lately, so I’m trying that now, in small quantities. I’ve tried inulin and other powdered prebiotic fibers. Within 3 days I’m usually crying at work.

  12. I tried most of them before the probiotics, but I have had cooked and cooled rice after the probiotics and still have the same problem. I’m not opposed to trying to introduce fiber slowly and see how it goes.

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