HW – Day 12

Yesterday again I was feeling really good.  Even thinking about starting exercising.  I haven’t thought about exercising for months.  I’ve seen no more evidence of possible parasite passing since the other day – and I’m not sure that even was what I thought it was. It wasn’t obvious…it was just different.  Don’t care, as long as I get to feel better.

I’ve decided to get a fasting insulin test this morning to see where things are at since I’ve been eating sugars again for a couple of months.  Fasting blood sugar this morning was 112 and I haven’t seen a post-prandial reading higher than 140, even after eating white sugar, so I’m curious how things are going.  I’m not going to test my triglycerides because I’m sure they’re high and I don’t wanna know right now.

HW – Day 11

I really expected the sky to fall when I stopped taking activated charcoal, but things have actually gone well.  Yesterday was the best I’ve felt in weeks.  I had energy to get me through the entire workday and still be a decent mommy when I got home.  I’ve started adding some sauerkraut to my diet to see if I can tolerate it.  Just one small serving a day.

HW – Day 10

Things going ok.  Some heart palpitations here and there, but not as bad as when I was taking activated charcoal 2x a day.  I’m going to just continue eating a nutrient-dense diet and supplementing extra minerals.

Mood is ok.

Weight stable.

Blood pressure a little high at 141/91.


After I wrote my last post it occurred to me that the activated charcoal I was taking might be causing the poor mineral absorption and heart palpitations.  The Humaworm folks specifically say not to take any other supplements during the course of HW, and I blatantly ignored that, taking activated charcoal in an attempt to avoid die-off symptoms.  So last night I stopped taking the charcoal and started taking HW again.  I actually only missed one dose.

Then this morning there is evidence of….parasites.  Ew.  Ew.  Ew.  Even though I know cognitively it’s not a character defect…I didn’t CHOOSE to have them, it appears I probably do and I feel…ashamed!  Ick.  So for now I’m going to continue on with Humaworm, sans the charcoal, and get this nonsense out of me.

Done with HW

I started having heart palpitations again yesterday, despite a dietary intake of about 5000mg of potassium and 600mg magnesium.  I’m done with this.  I don’t like the idea of taking these stimulant laxatives any longer.  Turpentine is sounding more and more promising.  So I’m going to stop taking Humaworm.  After a few days of letting my GI system stabilize I may give the Turp a try.

Or maybe I’ll just stop all of this and be content that I can eat about 50% of the foods I want to eat, take some probiotics and call it a day.  Maybe it’s time to start working on my spiritual and emotional world.  I have neglected them in favor of this wild goose chase of physiology.  I’m not a doctor.  I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.  I’ve made very little progress, and the progress I have made has been undoing the damage I’ve done by trying to fix stuff.

Maybe it’s time for a break.

Or maybe I just need more sleep.  I haven’t slept well since HW.

Whatever.  I’ve been up since 2AM and it’s time for a nap.

HW – Day 7

Well, I stopped using activated charcoal…and then I became depressed.  So I started using it again, and now I feel better.  So who knows…maybe the Humaworm is actually doing something in there.  I hope there’s no problem with using activated charcoal twice a day for a month.

Blood pressure is ok – high, but it has periods of being lower throughout the day.  This morning it’s 144/95.  Salt unfortunately makes it higher, so I’ve stopped eating recreational salt.  No more adding it to food, at least not right now.  I guess at some point I’ll have to decide whether it’s more important to me to stay off medication or to eat salt.  Since being off the HCTZ I’m no longer having heart palpitations, so as long as I’m on the HW, there will be no more HCTZ and no more salt.

I finally got my Cyrex Array #2 labs from the doc. Results are below.

leaky gut labs

Everything in range.  This was my green light to add in nightshades, dairy, eggs, sugar – lots of stuff I had eliminated figuring I had a leaky gut and endotoxemia because the internet said.  Who knows – maybe the labs are wrong.  Doubt it though.  I am no expert on interpreting this lab panel, of course, but I feel fine since adding it all back in.  My only issue now seems to be whatever it is that makes me depressed when I eat fiber and starch.  Whatever that is is probably causing my chronic inflammation, fatigue, mood problems, and maybe even my fatness, blood sugar dysregulation, and persistent hunger.

HW – Day 6

I’ve decided to cut back on the activated charcoal since I’m not sure if anything is even being killed.  We’ll see how I feel.

My blood pressure is still high, currently 137/96.  I supplemented calcium and magnesium and at a lot of potassium-containing foods yesterday.  I’ll continue doing that and see how it goes.  72 hours off of HCTZ at this point.

  • Weight: 201.1
  • Fasting blood sugar: 114