New Plan 2.0

I don’t think I’ll be taking turpentine.  I’ve been a little freaked out this whole time by all the disclaimers and dire warnings and THINGS IN CAPITAL LETTERS about how you absolutely definitely have to pay attention to this rule or bad things will happen… I’m just not sure why I would do all that when there are effective treatments out there without all the disclaimers, warnings and death threats.

I’ve decided to try Humaworm.  My problems have not responded to antibacterial herbs much, so I’m going to try antiparasitic herbs.  I like how the humaworm site is open and honest about what they put in their product, and even shares the exact amounts.  No cloak of a “proprietary blend”.  I dig honesty, and these people seem to have it.  Plus, their formula includes herbs for dealing with not just parasites themselves but the toxins they release and their transit out of the body.  Turpentine seems to be great at the first of these three but you’re on your own to manage the toxins and the transit issues.

I’ve also decided to try a diet that is less meat and fat heavy and more fruit/vegetable juice heavy.  I’m unable to get the nutrients I need from endless pounds of chicken, yet I still can’t eat fiber without significant neurological and emotional problems.

Humaworm is on it’s way.  I’ll update when I get it.  Apparently it may take up to 2 weeks because the capsules are hand-filled by fairies or something.


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