I started taking Humaworm on Friday evening, so about 36 hours ago.  It’s a 30 day parasite treatment.  There are many folks on the web (Facebook, Curezone, blogs) describing their Humaworm journeys.  I’ve seen way more pictures of other people’s poop in the last 2 weeks than I ever thought I would. I’ve decided to not participate in the picture taking unless something really spectacular happens.  Some of the Humaworm stories involve the passing of lots of icky fleshy bug-like things.  Some describe detoxification system backups – constipation, headaches, flu-like symptoms.  Some people experience nothing.  I suppose that means they didn’t have parasites.

So I’m not sure what to expect.  Yesterday I felt tired and a little irritable at times, and occasionally throughout the day felt little stabby pains – right torso, left big toe – and some nausea.  I’ve passed nothing that looks parasite-like as of yet.  The Humaworm folks say to discontinue all other supplements, since their product contains 30 or so different herbs and there’s a possibility of interaction.  I’ve decided to take activated charcoal anyway.  I’m pretty sure it’s benign and doesn’t interact with anything.  So I’m taking that about 4-5 hours after each Humaworm dose to mop up any toxins released in this process.

I have been hesitant about Humaworm because it contains stimulant laxatives, which have caused me to have mood problems in the past. I have no reason to think this would be any different now, but if the mood problems are caused by the release of toxins by something living in my colon, then the activated charcoal should help.  Another hesitation I have about Humaworm is the possibility of dependency on stimulant laxatives – in other words, the body requiring their presence to poop after being exposed to them for a period of time.  For example, from the US National Library of Medicine, with regard to Senna, which is one of the laxatives in Humaworm:

Senna is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth long-term or in high doses. Don’t use senna for more than two weeks. Longer use can cause the bowels to stop functioning normally and might cause dependence on laxatives.

Hm….there’s also Cascara, which is another stimulant laxative in Humaworm.   That one happens to be Ray Peat approved.  I’ve seen no reports that people are constipated or requiring laxatives after using Humaworm, and the Humaworm folks say you should wait 90 days before using their product again, so it seems they’re on top of the laxative dependence issue.

Laxatives can also cause electrolyte imbalances, which I am particularly prone to given that I take a diuretic for my hypertension.  In fact, I started having heart palpitations last night so I supplemented about 500mg of potassium and they went away.  I’ll be doing that for the rest of the month (or however long I continue with Humaworm).

So despite these issues I decided to try it because a lot of people rave about Humaworm, and honestly it just seems like a really decent company.  So I’ll update as we go.


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