HW – Day 5

Heart palpitations have continued, so I’ve stopped taking my hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) temporarily.  It’s been almost 48 hours since my last dose.  My blood pressure is high – 148/96 – but it was almost that high a few days ago while I was still taking HCTZ.  I’m nervous about stopping it.  I’m a little tired of being a slave to a water pill, though.  I’m going to pile on lots of potassium and magnesium today and see if I can’t bring it down.

I’ve been feeling pretty good – I think the Humaworm (HW) is killing off something because my mood is improving overall.  Not really seeing any other differences though.  I’m attempting some fibrous foods here and there, and so far doing ok.  Of course, it’s one thing to tempt fate during the kill phase, and quite another to do so a month later.  I’m also still taking activated charcoal to help with elimination and cleaning up of anything that may be killed.

I’ve been eating a pretty good variety of foods lately – some dairy, some nightshades, meat, eggs, aged foods, fresh foods, vegetables, fruit juice, V8, white sugar, chocolate…basically, this is a diet I could live on.  No digestive difficulties, no histamine reactions.  I have noticed as far as nightshades go that it’s specifically cayenne pepper that causes my patch of eczema to flare up – I can drink tomato juice all day long and no problem.  Weird.  I have not and will not be attempting to eat starches.  That has never gone well.  I would be content to be able to eat fiber again.

Fasting blood sugar this morning: 107.

Weight up a bit to 201.5.   A natural consequence of stopping HCTZ.



2 thoughts on “HW – Day 5

  1. I suspect the improvement has more to deal with fixing leaky gut–a slow process– than killing any I unconfirmed gut pathogen.

  2. Yes, I think the improvement is due to a month of colostrum and L-glutamine, along with having carbohydrates in my diet. I don’t think it’s because of the HW. I feel good but not outstanding or anything – they way I usually do when I’m not eating fiber or starch.

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