After I wrote my last post it occurred to me that the activated charcoal I was taking might be causing the poor mineral absorption and heart palpitations.  The Humaworm folks specifically say not to take any other supplements during the course of HW, and I blatantly ignored that, taking activated charcoal in an attempt to avoid die-off symptoms.  So last night I stopped taking the charcoal and started taking HW again.  I actually only missed one dose.

Then this morning there is evidence of….parasites.  Ew.  Ew.  Ew.  Even though I know cognitively it’s not a character defect…I didn’t CHOOSE to have them, it appears I probably do and I feel…ashamed!  Ick.  So for now I’m going to continue on with Humaworm, sans the charcoal, and get this nonsense out of me.


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