HW – Day 20

Before I started HW I had a strange wiggling feeling in my lower rear left torso.  I just thought it was a muscle spasm.  It became strange and wiggly every night around 8PM, even if I was just sitting still in a chair.  Now it’s gone.  WHAT THE HELL WAS IT?

Continuing on with the last third of Humaworm.  I suppose it’s been helpful.  I had some blueberries and a bite of cantaloupe at a birthday party on Monday – just trying to fit in, not look like an oddball eating nothing but a hamburger patty – and I’ve been paying for it with irritability for the last couple of days.  I wish I could at least get over these episodes more quickly.  Once I feel that twinge of irritability or feel sorry for myself about something I know I’ve been poisoned again and it’ll probably last a couple days.  I started to feel better last night.

I’m getting tired of talking about food.  It never changes.  I hate the idea of never eating starches or raw produce.  Yes, I can have ice cream and stay fat forever with blood sugar spikes that keep me eating throughout the day and lots of skin tags on my neck.  I’d rather be healthy.  I’m annoyed.

Maybe I’ll take some turpentine.  See if I can stir up whatever is in there.  Jennifer Daniels says that you want to avoid meat, fat, and sugar (other than the sugar cubes used for dosing) because those things feed parasites. Humaworm folks say no diet change is necessary at all.  Having trouble reconciling these statements.

I guess I have nothing productive to say.  I know I should be exercising like I said I would…but fatigue is preventing that right now.



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