I just ate a bunch of raw sauerkraut.  Normally this would make me depressed by the end of the day.  We’ll see if my miracle tincture of diluted serotonin will have any effect.

I’ve received emails from a concerned reader who thinks everyone would respond with a stress response (inflammation or swelling at the injection site) to serotonin during the Provocation-Neutralization (PN) testing process.  I don’t know, I suppose that’s possible.  I didn’t have a healthy control person next to me also getting the injection. It wasn’t double-blind, or even single-blind.  Could be placebo effect, false positive, experimenter bias, subject bias, performance bias…  However, I don’t think my MD is a sheister woo-peddler who’s desperate to get my $27 for a tincture of woo medicine.  I think in the time he’s been doing this work he’s probably seen enough benefit from this procedure that propels him to continue using it.

It’s entirely possible I don’t really understand what’s going on, too.  I might be wrong.

But it seems to be a pretty harmless thing to try.  I’ll probably know within 24 hours if PN is going to be helpful for me or not.  If not I go back to eating a lot of meat and we pretend this foray into the magical world of woo never happened.


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