The Apple Test

In order to test my newfound freedom with fiber, made available to me – apparently – by Provocation Neutralization (PN), I ate a giant apple yesterday at 8AM.  My normal response to eating something with this much fiber would be tongue swelling/soreness within an hour or two and then depression beginning later in the evening.  Occasionally the depression would show up the next day.

So I ate the apple at 8:00AM.  Exhibit A: Poorly composed picture of half-eaten apple in front of my work computer:img_7110

By 10:00 my tongue was sore and a little swollen. . Normally that would last several hours, and would finally be dealt with by popping in ibuprofen because the soreness would be so distracting.  But yesterday I used my PN drops instead.  1 drop every 5 minutes for 20 minutes.  At that point the soreness was reduced 90% or so.  An hour later, no additional drops, the soreness was barely perceptable.

At lunch I had 2 medium sized tortillas. Keep in mind, I’ve had nothing resembling bread for months, given my typical reaction to it.  About an hour later – tongue soreness again.  Again, 4 drops, and again the soreness was almost gone afterward.  Soreness completely gone a couple hours later.

No depression yet.

Later last night I was at home and my daughter was being argumentative about everything.  I started feeling really irritated toward her, and couldn’t tell if this was her yanking my chain or the food causing a mood reaction.  I took 1 drop of the PN serotonin solution just in case it was the latter, and no longer felt the need to run screaming through the streets.  Still not sure if there was any kind of biological issue at play – I kind of don’t think so.  My kid can be very headstrong.

Anyway, mood has been great overall.  I have been highly productive – no brain fog, no inability to concentrate.  No fatigue.

I think this shit works!

6 thoughts on “The Apple Test

  1. Meme

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could stop the over-reaction to serotonin in it’s tracks and simply eat normal fiber-y food…like regular people?

    That’s a GAME CHANGER, Lanie….hoping this really works in the long term (fingers crossed!)

  2. Meme

    @Lanie….I had never heard of this protocol until you mentioned it, so I’m VERY interested.

    All I know is that for SOME people Serotonin is NOT the happy neurotransmitter that mainstream medicine has made it out to be, at least for me. SSRI’s make some people more depressed, angry and even violent. We see this all the time with school shootings and suicide. I’ve experienced this negative reaction to serotonin personally myself.

    We’re seeing more and more people diagnosed with Serotonin Syndrome. I’m not saying this is true for everyone, however for a certain subset of the population the biochemistry is unmistakable.

    I’m super sensitive to serotonin and I can trigger symptoms when I eat too much fiber or too many bananas too many days in a row. For years I’ve been perplexed as to why I cannot tolerate healthy regular food like other people. It’s a total drag.

    Are we simply allergic to serotonin? I don’t know.

    I would LOVE to find a way to stop the reaction in an instant.

    Some say gut permeability has a lot to do with it and I agree, but apparently I haven’t been able to “Heal & Seal” my intestines. Do they make Seal-A-Meals for gut lining? If so, I need one.

  3. SWOT

    @Meme, SSRIs/SNRIS also gimp dopamine, which screw up impulse control or make you into a brain zombie. I think a lot of people on anxiety would be better on GABA.

  4. Meme

    @SWOT….SO TRUE!!! I was prescribed Zoloft in my 20’s and I thought I was gonna die. I only took it for a few months, but I was a complete and utter zombie and gained at least ten pounds. I tried to push through the initial side effects, but it’s truly awful stuff for someone with my brain chemistry.

    And agreed on GABA and it’s precursors… definitely the way to go.

  5. SWOT

    @Meme…Type A personalities are usually sympathetic dominant. They need more serotonin to calm them and their anxious/compulsions down. Carbs calm them down since things like resistant starch grow the bacteria that make serotonin. They usually do better on more carbs since they want that serotonin to act as a brake otherwise they get too stressed then cortisol and HPA goes to hell.

    Type Bs are the parasympathetic dominant. They do better on less carbs since they often need less serotonin and more dopamine. Less gut bacteria is less serotonin and more FIAF. Of course, a lot of stress can make a Type B temporarily into a Type A, and then get out the inositol of 5-htp.

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