A Work in Progress

I am feeling very very grateful to have been introduced to Provocation Neutralizaion (PN) – I think it’s possible my days of depression are over.  I’m realizing though that my days of testing food against these drops are probably over too though.  A couple days ago I tested all day long, eating food after food that typically cranks my immune system – and shutting it down again with the serotonin dilution drops.  And right now I’m not depressed and my tongue isn’t swollen (Hallelujah) but I have a cold and a mild eye infection.  In other words, keeping my immune system busy with my diet is not going to be a good idea long term because it opens me up to infections and other health problems.  I’m still going to have to find a way to eat that doesn’t cause an allergic response in the first place.

Fortunately I know how to eat to avoid the high serotonin and subsequent immune system jacking (thank you, Ray Peat).  The bad news is, I don’t know how to eat in a healthful manner that doesn’t pile on more and more pounds.  Since I’ve introduced sugars back into my diet I’ve gained 5 pounds – added to the 50 I already needed to lose.  Feeling kind of corpulent.  I don’t want that trend to continue.  I was really excited to be able to eat fruits and veggies that fill me up without a high calorie load, but I’m not sure it’s a great idea to do that all day every day.

So I’m looking at PN as a blessing – a way to avoid the depression and hopefully a way to bring down my inflammation and reduce health problems secondary to the inflammation (hyperglycemia, hypertension).  As far as knowing what’s best for me to eat at this point – still a work in progress.  With less fatigue, I can exercise though.  Maybe lots of low-fat dairy and walking will be in my future.


4 thoughts on “A Work in Progress

  1. Hi Lanie….I love it when another piece to the puzzle falls in to place, YAY!!!
    *claps enthusiastically*

    I was thrilled when I got to the place where I could finally eat potatoes and black beans without completely destroying my intestines. Unfortunately I went a little crazy and overdid it. My diet had been so limited (boring) and it was easy to push things too far, but every time I ate those foods too many days in a row it would trigger a cold sore so I knew my immune system was struggling from the overgrowth.

    This has been such an interesting experiment. Can your drops be used on an as needed basis? Like for special occasions? I wonder if sticking to a somewhat boring therapeutic type diet all week and perhaps a fancier meal on the weekends (with drops as needed) would work?

  2. @Meme – Yes, they can be used as needed. I’m supposed to take 1 drop 2x a day every day, and then as needed at 5-minute intervals. I’m thinking along those same lines too – just using this newfound freedom to keep things a little more interesting but still sticking to the tried and true. Maybe low-fat Peaty.

  3. Adding sugars to insulin resistant state does result in weight gain. Taking out sugars botches the thyroid. Meh. Rock and a hard place….

    The other issue is fruit juice doesnt stay long in the stomach. Richard FTA guy posted a chart on satiety with potatoes as highest. Then you have the starches to deal with. But anecdotally people trying the hack seem to have success. Pretty boring fare that.

    VitE is what Peat mentioned for leaky gut. Lets see how that fares.

    Walking sounds like a great idea.

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