Quick Updates

Things have stabilized.

  • I eat protein and fat during the day and add carbs at night.  Thanks to Amelia Luker for suggesting that to me way back when.  Blood sugar seems to be stable and weight has stabilized.  Fasting blood sugar this morning: 105.
  • I’m on Day 2 of learning how to meditate using Ziva Meditation.  I learned about Emily Fletcher from Dave Asprey’s podcast.  Her style really resonates with me, more so than anyone else I’ve ever heard talk about meditation.
  • My serotonin drops have resulted in my mood and energy level being consistently good.  This was not without some trial and error though.  I still can’t eat things that raise serotonin in the gut too much if I want to feel good every day.  The rise in serotonin causes an immune system reaction in me that doesn’t feel good.  I no longer get depressed though, which is huge.
  • 2 weeks ago I started taking the hydrocortisone my doc prescribed.  He said it might help with the histamine reactions I have.  I feel good, but I haven’t tested it with a lot of high histamine foods.
  • Next Monday I have an appointment with a local chiropractor who does Applied Kinesiology.  I’m trying to find out why my immune system is jacked up so high that it’s attacking my serotonin.

6 thoughts on “Quick Updates

  1. What food is raising your serotonin in your opinion? I read your blog quickly through, how is your SIBO? I am trying herbal therapy now. Also have anxiety/depression and gut dysbiosis, wonder if it could be by cortisol and diet (I need to check for cortisol levels though)

  2. Hydrocortisone is an immunosupressant. Big enough doses can make anyone diabetic…

  3. Hi Viktor – The foods that raise serotonin for me are anything a little difficult to digest – polysaccharides (starches, like rice, bread, potatoes, grains, pasta) and foods that are high in fiber (most fruits and vegetables). Turns out I didn’t have SIBO after all – I had a lactulose breath test and it was negative for SIBO. https://sanscarbs.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/didnt-see-that-coming/

    I have found there’s absolutely no substitute for getting tested. I screwed around with my diet thinking I had SIBO for a long time. One test and I changed course. Then I screwed around a long time treating leaky gut and endotoxemia. One test indicated that was also negative. https://sanscarbs.wordpress.com/2016/08/13/lab-results-2/

    If I hadn’t gotten tested and stopped barking up the wrong trees, I wouldn’t have found any answers. I have since discovered my depression was being caused by an autoimmune reaction to serotonin in my body. Get a breath test to make sure you’re on the right track!

  4. N2P – These are biological doses of hydrocortisone – just a supplement because when last tested my own levels were very low. I’m actually losing weight and having improved blood sugar readings over the past 2 weeks. I understand what you’re saying though – I had similar concerns and my doc gave me an information sheet about it that explained these doses are too small to have those problems.

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