Chiro Fail

I had the applied kinesiology testing, and she found nothing unusual – no intolerances or deficiencies.  She recommended a bunch of supplements to decrease gut inflammation. Stupidly, I bought them.  A few days of taking them and my tongue was swollen and sore and my mood was poor.  So I quit them.  I’m trying to find the golden nugget in each interaction, though, so I’m looking at this experience as positive – I learned that I definitely have gut inflammation (still don’t know why, but I do), and I’ve learned that I’m pretty much done buying a crap ton of supplements based on someone’s recommendation.  I should have said no, but I wasn’t really asked, and I allowed myself to be pushed into it.  Won’t be doing that again.

So right now I’m just trying to get back to baseline, which isn’t as hard as it used to be.  Since starting the serotonin PN drops my mood problems are a 3 on a scale of 1-10, and they used to be more like an 8.  In fact, I expect today to be a good day.

I don’t have much of a plan right now. Some other updates:

  • I’m back to taking Hydrochlorothiazide again for my blood pressure.  Stopped for a couple of months there, but my BP is not well managed.  So back on.
  • I tried taking Armour thyroid again and it made me feel like shit again.  So done with that again.
  • I had a lipid panel done:
    • Total Cholesterol: 293
    • HDL: 48
    • Triglycerides: 268
    • LDL: 191
    • So still, I’m pretty much gonna die of a heart attack.
  • I’m exploring the idea of using hypnosis or EFT (tapping) to address my high and perpetual hunger.  Currently reading the Idiot’s Guide to Self Hypnosis.

4 thoughts on “Chiro Fail

  1. Thyroid can reliably drop your LDL. Incidence of heart disease on thyroid is pretty low. But yeah its not easy to get started on that. Took me several months and multiple near panic episodes to get that straightened out. Magnesium is a problem I think. Taking thyroid causes a huge magnesium depletion and the brain etc panic Peat has mentioned taking a 100 mg magnesium with a 2 mcg dose of T3 to get started with. Combining thyroid and coffee together at least initially would be a terrible idea.

  2. @N2P – Interesting about the magnesium – I hadn’t heard that. You’re a very patient human! More patient than I am.

  3. Hi Lanie, I’m not clear on what “feeling like shit” means when you take Armour. But lots of people struggle with thyroid meds initially. There are several reasons for this….Sometimes it’s due to stress hormones being shut down, you might suddenly feel very very tired, exhausted and unable to function, it’s a difficult phase to push through. Is that what you’re feeling? Some people experience digestive distress as suddenly cholesterol is being put to use in bile acids instead of pooling….

    Can you be more specific with your Armour thyroid symptoms?


  4. @Meme – Great question…thanks for asking. I’ve tried taking it 3 times. The first time I was eating very low carb and didn’t notice anything at all – like, I couldn’t tell I had taken it. I took it for about a week, and felt nothing. I assume this means low carb suppressed my thyroid so much that 1/2 a grain of Armour made no difference. The second time I tried taking it I just took it one day – this was when I was back to eating at least 150g of carbs per day, and had been for a few months. That second time my heart was racing and I felt anxious. So I stopped again. The third time I took it was this past weekend – I felt like I had too much caffeine, high adrenaline I guess, and not in a good way. I felt irritable, a little sick, like I just wanted to lie down. Not digestive distress – more like just not well. At the present time I’m eating about 100-150g of carb daily.

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