Exploring the Subconscious

Over the last month or two I’ve taken a giant leap away from the biochemistry of the body and toward the workings of the subconscious.  Meditation and many podcasts have me convinced that the keys to my progress at this point lie in tending to unconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

It really started when I listened to a podcast by Dave Asprey, interviewing Vishen Lakhiani. Vishen is a meditation teacher and has an online presence called Mindvalley and a book called Code of the Extraordinary Mind.  I have been listening and watching a bunch of his stuff, including amazing speakers and visionaries that he promotes, like Lisa Nichols, John DiMartini, Peter Diamandis, Jeffery Allen, Tom Cronin, Emily Fletcher, and many others. A common theme that I’m hearing is that if you don’t have the life you want, something – some subconscious resistance – is in the way.  If you weren’t resisting you would already have what you want.

I want a healthy body.  I don’t have it yet.  What’s in the way?

I came across tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – sort of coincidentally a couple of weeks ago.  It seemed silly to me. You tap your fingers on acupressure points on the head and torso to reduce your subconscious attachment to things. I was exposed to it once before – I think also on Dave Asprey’s podcast (yup, here it is) – when he had a guest who explained the technique.  I remember him saying to select something that was causing you worry or anxiety (I picked my kid riding her bike).  The technique worked and my anxiety about that subject reduced significantly, but I attributed it to placebo effect and thought it was silly so I forgot about it.

Then I found it again a couple weeks ago when I was directed to Brittany Watkins site.  She uses tapping for weight loss.  So I just signed up for her 6-week program, which may be overkill – I probably could have figured it out on my own.  I just really wanted someone to guide me.

In the last week, just on my own, I have “tapped away” cravings for chocolate and pasta, as well as my fear of public speaking and some of my social anxiety.  I had to do a presentation yesterday in front of a group of 20 people.  That would have filled me with dread in the past, but yesterday I felt no dread.  I just went and did it.  What freedom!

It sounds really goofy and there aren’t many people I can talk to about this because I’m not sure I believe it myself…except it works every time.  What I’ve noticed is that as I’m “tapping on” a problem, thoughts, feelings, and memories come up. If I stay with them and allow myself to feel them while tapping the pressure points, they lose their power.  And it really doesn’t come back.  That’s the amazing part to me.  It doesn’t come back.  For example, as I was tapping on my fear of public speaking I remembered being in 2nd  or 3rd grade and reciting a poem about a mouse in front of my class, by memory.  when I was done the teacher criticized me in front of everyone for saying it too quickly.  She said, “I didn’t understand a word you just said.”  while shaking her head slowly.  I felt humiliated.  I don’t know if that’s where this fear of public speaking came from, but focusing on those feelings while tapping removed their power over me.

I’ve read lots of books over the years about emotional eating and it’s a clear pattern in my life that I eat more when I’m stressed or anxious.  But no program until now has made those desires to eat actually go away.  I’ve done the analysis – the “push the food away for a few minutes” and see what emotions are there that you are covering up.  But that never actually helped.  I still wanted to eat the food.  Tapping actually makes me not want the food.  So there’s something to the tapping itself – not just the re-experiencing of the emotions – that breaks that pattern.  I don’t know exactly why it works, but it works. Right now I’m trying to distinguish how much of my high level of hunger is emotional or subconscious and how much is actual biological hunger.

What I do know is that lots of emotions came up for me at first – I’ve cleared some and have others yet to clear.  We’ll see if this results in weight loss and improved health.


4 thoughts on “Exploring the Subconscious

  1. Very interesting…..I’ve been flooded with “tapping” promotionals in my inbox, and had pretty much blown them all off.

  2. > A common theme that I’m hearing is that if you don’t have the life you want, something – some subconscious resistance – is in the way. If you weren’t resisting you would already have what you want.

    Doesn’t this sound inherently fishy?

    The story with the teacher… that sounds as a very bad way of doing it as a teacher. You have my sympathies there, and also very much in your other struggles, as I’ve gathered that you’re having, from reading a bit here.

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