Emotional Unrest

Around the time I started learning about Tapping, my marriage hit another stumbling block.  I wonder if that was a coincidence or a magical swirl of energy – the universe presenting me with opportunities to move forward in my life and heal old wounds.  Hard to say, but I’ve been crying a lot.

It’s not the same crying I was doing when I was depressed.  When I was depressed the whole world looked like shit – like a dangerous place from which nothing good could come.  This is different.  This is just sadness.  I’m  not sure if the sadness is old wounds that have been uncovered by Tapping, my marriage, or the fact that my country has decided to shoot itself in the foot.

I’m just trying to ride it out at the moment.  I haven’t done much Tapping in the last few days, trying to catch my emotional breath.

Emotional eating has increased for me recently.  Since I started tapping.  I’ve gained a few pounds in the last few weeks.

So things are not stable, but the fact that things are changing tells me I’ve found a sore spot, a wound.

I’m not doing great right now.

But I’m not doing bad either.


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