PN Fail

Got some not-so-great news from my doctor yesterday.  They are unable to produce my serotonin Provocation Neutralization drops anymore.  Apparently the supply of liquid bioidentical serotonin has “dried up” all across the land. Hm…Well, it wasn’t perfect but I’d say it reduced my depression reaction to serotonin-producing foods by about 75%.

And just like that…gone.

I’ll probably do some investigating to see if I can find it in other countries or something, but this isn’t any simple process.  It’s not like finding a banned prescription medication at a Canadian pharmacy.  This isn’t a prescription medication with a brand name, and it’s produced by a compounding pharmacy before it even gets to my doctor.  So even if I was able to find the raw material I’d have to figure out how to get it produced.


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