• Currently sticking to a diet that I’m completely sick of that includes eggs, meat, broth, some well-cooked vegetables, orange juice, and chocolate.  I probably shouldn’t be eating the chocolate but it’s the only source of pleasure in my current diet, so there it is.  Also, I don’t feel good eating no carbohydrates and orange juice gets really old.  I have to stay within these boundaries or I become depressed.  No serotonin drops to rescue me anymore. I’m taking colostrum again, in the hopes of helping to tolerate a greater variety of foods.  It helped before but I quit because of the expense.  I don’t care about the expense anymore.
  • Despite my highly restrictive and generally low-carb diet, my weight is near my all-time high and I’m having trouble losing the excess.  My hunger throughout the day remains high.
  • My blood sugar is in a shitty state of affairs.  Fasting blood sugar is in the range of 145-165 these days.  A graph for your perusal:


  • Things started trending up in the blood sugar department at the end of September. Numerous things occurred during or around this time – I started taking CoQ10, I started taking a longer trial of hydrocortisone, I continued eating carbohydrates (though this was started in June), I learned about Tapping (which stirred up some emotional crap), my marriage became rocky again…lots o crap.  I’ve since quit hydrocortisone.
  • I’ve been experimenting with thyroid (Armour) a little, and also with iodine a little.  I can tolerate a little thyroid at a time, but without the hydrocortisone I can’t take much without lots of adrenaline symptoms.
  • Found that Tapping isn’t the answer for weight loss (for me) because my problems are about 10% emotional eating and 90% high and insatiable hunger.
  • Fatigue has been high and exercise makes it worse.  I try and I quit over and over again.  One day I clocked 10,000 steps and was in a lot of pain afterwards throughout my pelvis and legs.  I need to address the fatigue and inability to make energy before I can hope to be successful with exercise.  I do continue to walk short distances daily but it doesn’t add up to much.
  • Going to see my functional medicine doc on Friday 12/16.  I can’t wait.  I hope he has ideas.  I’m hoping he’ll run some labs for me – maybe a thyroid panel, hs-CRP…

I don’t know.  I’m feeling hopeless.  I’m not giving up but I’m not sure what to do.

17 thoughts on “Update

  1. Lanie, I feel for you. I too have been battling T2 diabetes for years. I almost destroyed my adrenals, my thyroid by not eating any carbs and found out my pancreas hates when I eat too much fat and animal protein. I discovered a few things over the past few months.

    One is that the fat in my diet although makes me feel satisfied messes up my Fasting BG. If I keep the fat to a minimum my FBG is down by as much as 30-40 points. Eat too much fat and up she goes – as does my weight.

    Recently I read that insulin gets locked out of cells when you eat too much fat and hence the blood sugar goes up. Eggs can be seriously a detriment when someone has diabetes because of that, even though they are filled with good nutrition.

    So I have tried a few things since September and have now lost 10 lbs. Started with the Potato Hack in September – 2 1/2 days a week – but only for 3 weeks – Mon- Wednesday noon. That helped lose a bunch quickly. BG also improved too.

    Plus went to fasting every other day. Eat only at Noon and until 8:00Pm on the ‘feed’ days eat what ever I want – but find I still have to limit the ‘fat’ and on the down “diet” days – eat about 500-600 calories divided between two meals. I use Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones for those days – one at lunch, one for supper. Drink lots of coffee and water.

    The books that I’ve read to help with this is – The Potato Hack by Tim Steele; How not to Die by Michael Greger MD, The Every Other Day Diet by Krista Varady. Between these three books I finally have been able to lose some weight, seeing my Fasting BG come down as long as I watch my fat. The best part – I have tons of energy, am happy and seeing the weight – mostly fat disappearing! I still eat meat but limit it to about 50 grams a day. Chicken and beef, as I hate fish. And eggs about twice a week but only in the mornings.

    Not sure if you have read any of these or even tried them. But They are working for me and I’m still tweaking. I also found out a glass of pinot grecio (just 5 ounces) every evening with a bit of chocolate helps my morning BG too. Tried red wines, don’t work, tried more than one glass of white wine, don’t work. But one glass works!

    Penny Keay

  2. Awesome, Penny – I’m glad you’re finding something that works for you. I had a potato about 2 weeks ago and became depressed soon after – I can’t tolerate starches or fibers. I can cut down on fat, but then I’ll be eating protein (low fat meat) and sugar…and that’s about it. When I’ve done that before I started binge eating. I think it’s just too restrictive. I would love to do what you’re doing but I think the fact that I can’t eat starches or fiber makes our situations very different. I do appreciate your comment though, and I’ll consider cutting out some of the fat. I need to get my blood sugar under control and I am really sick of being fat. My BMI is now 35 – that’s crossed the line into morbid obesity. I can’t even cope with that. Thanks again, and keep up the good fight.

  3. SWOT


    What kind of depression are you getting from carbs? There’s atypical which results in low motivation, hypersomina, social withdrawal, and increased appetite, but pleasure from positive things. Melancholic is the opposite which is more of a problem of insomina, loss of appetite, no pleasure from positive things, early morning awakening.

    If the former, that’s a low dopamine problem, not a 5ht/endorphin problem. The latter is caused by low 5ht/endorphin. Atypical is more related to seasonal affective disorder, light changes that kill dopamine. I’m guessing you’re in that camp.

  4. SWOT – It’s more like the second one – minus the loss of appetite. It’s crying, irritability, loss of pleasure in everything, everything feeling oppressively bad and threatening (even when objectively there’s absolutely nothing wrong), poor executive functioning (inability to concentrate, make decisions, memory gets worse). Sleep isn’t great even when my mood is good – it’s not my main concern one way or another with the depression. I never have hypersomnia though – all of my sleep problems involve insomnia – either waking repeatedly in the middle of the night or waking too early and not being able to get back to sleep (i.e. 3AM or 4AM).

  5. SWOT

    You’ve tried augmenting 5ht with 5htp and/or inositol? Or endorphin makers like DLPA? The symptoms you describe are a hyperactive HPA axis and low 5ht/endorphin. They see-saw each other.

  6. I mean, eating these things increases serotonin production in the gut. Why would adding more serotonin help? I’m not opposed to the idea, I’m just afraid of making things worse.

  7. SWOT

    I get reactions from wheat which send my immune system into overdrive. That creates excess HPA despite serotonin’s counteractive effects. The opoids trigger horrible stomach pains in myself, which seems to be why I wheat gives me a problem, but I can tolerate spelt. Could be you need the for 5ht/endorphin without the nasty HPA counter attack from the immune response.

    In my case, 5htp and GABA are relaxing (too relaxing for me..sleep like a log), but I get more atypical symptoms in the fall from falling light levels until I freeze myself off for a few weeks in the cold on LCHF, then I go into crazy ketosis like Kruse mentions in CT. Then leptin sensitivity increases and dopamine goes way back up.

  8. SWOT

    Also, I don’t know if all strains produce 5ht. Could be you got some bad strains that don’t make it so well… The body makes melatonin and endorphin from 5ht. You can bypass the 5ht if you want and just get melatonin from tablets (although it tends to be obsenigenic) or endorphin from DPA/DLPA.

  9. There’s definitely an immune system response involved in this for me too when I eat serotonin-producing foods. When you say “creates excess HPA” – do you mean HPA activity? Or is HPA a substance? I don’t care about the sleep – I just want my mood to be stable. Can you talk to me like I’m 5 for a minute and tell me what would be a reasonable thing to try?

  10. SWOT

    Hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis — stress response/cortisol production.

    Carbs/Insulin –> L-Tryptophan–> Serotonin –> melatonin (sleep) and beta-endorphin (feel good)

    However if HPA is up / serotonin (and the stuff downstream) goes down–>insomina/ low endorphin (feel like crap)

    BTW, this is why people who LCHF all the time feel like crap after a while and crave carbs for comfort, mood, etc.

  11. Thank you – that’s a level I can comprehend right now. 🙂

    I don’t think this is about carbs – it’s about polysaccharides and fibers. I can eat carbs – monosaccharides and even white sugar just fine. It’s the complex carbs that break down in the colon that are causing my problems. So I don’t think this is just a matter of carbs vs. no carbs. Something incredibly fucked up happens when I eat things that are digested in the large intestine.

    The fact that the diluted serotonin drops helped me should be a clue, but I don’t know what it is supposed to tell me.

  12. SWOT

    It suggests the immune response you were getting from those polysaccharides and fibers created an immune response that drove up cortisol counteracting 5ht (serotonins) normally positive effects.

    As stated, you can try 5-ht precursors 5-htp, L-tryptophan which would shut down HPA a bit, or try beta-endorphin supplements DLPA (or go get a tan–UV increases endorphin too).

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