Next Up

I have taken a couple days to enjoy eating starches and fiber without worrying too much about my blood sugar.  Yesterday I (gleefully and with abandon) ate a banana, an apple, bread, pasta, and broccoli.  Today my weight is up 2 pounds to match my all-time highest weight of 211 pounds. It’s the most carbs I’ve eaten in a long time so I’m hoping it’s just water.  Time to refocus on my next goal…whatever that is…

I think my next goal will be getting my blood sugar under control.

I’ve decided to start taking R-Lipoic Acid again, which my NBT coaches said was important for blood sugar control, doing sort of the same thing Metformin does but without the possible negative side effects.  No way around it – this stuff is expensive, which is what has stopped me from using it much.  I’m going to give it a try again though.   I have enough right now for 2-3 months, so I’ll get started and see how it’s going in 60 days or so.

Exercise.  I have shied away from exercise for a long time because it made me feel worse – more tired, less relaxed, and frustrated by my lack of fitness.  I need to start somewhere though, so I’ll be starting with yoga and biking (stationary) using my spin bike at home.  If things are going well I may add some kettle bell exercises.

Eating.  I’m thinking maybe the Perfect Health Diet…paleo with starches.  Not sure. I think for now I’m just going to focus on adding more fruits and veggies.

By the way…mood is still great.  Hot flashes still gone.  Histamine symptoms are greatly reduced – some minor itching is all that’s left.  I’m not sure if the Culturelle effect is transient or if the little L. Rhamnosus dudes are setting up camp.  One day I’ll get bold and see if the effect sticks around without the supplement.  I wrote to Culturelle and thanked them for their awesome product.  They wrote back and told me they don’t claim to cure hot flashes or fix depression.

Haha….ok.  Well, a nice side effect then.

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