Fasting Insulin and Current Diet

I had a fasting insulin run a couple days ago, as a measure of insulin (in)sensitivity.  Let’s compare:

12/15 – 20.9 (while eating high-carb, low-fat)

2/9/16 – 20.7 (while eating low-carb, high-fat)

8/31/16 – 24.6 (while eating moderate carb and high-fat)

2/13/17 – 20.0 (while eating high-carb, low-fat)

The reference range is 2.6-24.9 uIU/mL, so I’ve been at the top of this unfortunate range for quite a while.  It appears that what makes things much worse is when both carbs and fat are high.  It also appears nothing diet-related gets me below 20.0….yet.  I’m going to test again in a few months and see if my current plan and/or probiotic has a longer-term effect.  In the meantime, blood sugars are coming down following a low fat plan, currently around 110-120 each morning.

Here’s what I ate yesterday (and this is typical right now):


(Edited to add…I also had an apple I forgot to include above.)

Oh – also I’m down around 9 pounds now, on this diet.  Not much exercise.  I’ve started wearing a pedometer and I walk 3000-4000 steps per day, just as part of my normal routine.

3 thoughts on “Fasting Insulin and Current Diet

  1. SWOT – I hope you’re right. Interesting about mixed meals. I guess my only mixed meal these days is breakfast – maybe I’ll rethink the timing of the carbs in relation to the eggs.

    N2P – Thanks. 🙂

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