Before I forget all about this, I wanted to talk for a minute about the transition my body has been going through since being able to eat different foods again.

Remember back when I put it all together that histamine intolerance was a significant issue for me?  Looks like that was a little less than 2 months ago.  Soon after that – on 12/29/16 – I stopped eating foods high in histamine.  Then a few days later – on 1/3/17 – I started taking Culturelle Probiotics.  By 1/6/17 my hot flashes were almost gone.

Then I had a week of die-off, after which I could eat anything without becoming depressed.

Since then my mood has remained great, my weight has slowly been dropping (not without effort, I admit – I’m consciously adding about 10 servings of fruit/vegetables a day – none of which I could eat 2 months ago). Between now and then though, there were some weird things going on.

When I first started eating starches and fiber my tongue would swell and my throat was sore every day.  It would start after eating something starchy/containing fiber and continue for hours, and then fade, to be repeated again next time I ate something like that.  I would also get pressure in my lower-left ribcage area, which I think was a swelling of my spleen.  I started taking an ibuprofen when all of this got to be too uncomfortable.  These symptoms – the sore throat, the swollen tongue and spleen – have gradually gone away over the last few weeks, and I haven’t needed ibuprofen for at least 2 weeks now.

Another strange thing has been sharp stabby pains in weird places around my body that have come and gone.  I’ve felt them in my individual toes, left side of abdomen, and pelvis.  These pains were severe enough that it made me wince and gasp, and then it would disappear for a few minutes or a few hours…and then come back.  These have also disappeared over the past few weeks.  It felt like an electrical short circuit or something.  I imagine the gut bugs were tap dancing on individual nerves.

My hot flashes have returned, as I mentioned earlier, since I stopped paying attention to eating a low-histamine diet.  They’re starting to bother me now, so I’m going to eliminate tomatoes, bananas, and leftover meats again.  I hate eliminating anything at this point – really tired of eating weird diets – but as the weather gets warmer these hot flashes are going to get annoying.


5 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Hmm maybe bump up some magnesium too. Magnesium rich mineral waters may be useful. Gerolsteiner or something similar.

  2. Hi there! The magnesium advocacy group on facebook has lots of good advice. You might check it out! At the moment I’m away from the country but when I get back I plan to implement some of their suggestions.

  3. Hi Christe – I’ve been a member of that group in the past…maybe I’ll check it out again. Maybe I’ll just follow you around and do everything you do. hahahaha. Hey – that reminds me….could you email me at the link in the right sidebar?

  4. Hi Lanie! I”m not seeing a link in the sidebar. I’m sure it’s something obvious but just don’t see it. I also have been following a site on facebook called Hack your gut and he has been posting some articles on histamine intolerance that I find very interesting. As soon as I get home from Italy in April I plan to try a few of his suggestions. Its really hard to eat low histamine in the land of cheese and wine! Here are a two of his articles….
    Password- nukularcode

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