One Down, Two to Go

It appears I’ve successfully discontinued one of my three blood pressure medications.  At the beginning of February I was taking the following:

  • Hydrocholothiazide 25mg/day
  • Methyldopa 250mg 3x/day
  • Verapamil ER 120mg/day

I started the Verapamil on 1/12/17, after my weight had climbed due to unnecessary hydrocortisone use, and my blood pressure had climbed with it. I’ve now lost the hydrocortisone weight plus a few more pounds (down almost 13 pounds since starting Weight Watchers), and I decided a couple weeks ago to see what happens if I taper off the Methyldopa.  So I did, with my doctor’s blessing.  Blood pressure this morning was 130/86.

I suppose I’ll hold off on more changes till my weight drops some more.  I wasn’t sure the Methyldopa was actually doing anything, but I’m sure the remaining ones are.


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