Weight Loss Update

I’m down almost 16 pounds from my top weight on January 20th of 212.3.  At that time my BMI was 35.9 – in the morbidly obese range.  Now at 196.7 my BMI is 33.2 – Hey, I’m just obese now.  Yay!

Walking longer distances is becoming second nature now, thanks to Stepbet.  I’m 3 weeks into my 6 week walking challenge, averaging somewhere around 8000 steps per day to stay in the game.  My Dietbet challenge ended yesterday – I was one of the winners, though lots of other people won too so the payout was only $2.74 over the initial bet of $100.  Oh well – it really did motivate me to stick with my low-fat diet when I didn’t feel like it, so I have to say it’s a good tool if you’re able to lose weight.

And by the way – “…if you’re able to lose weight” is really an important qualifier.  I did two Dietbet challenges over the past couple of years that I lost because no amount of self-discipline was resulting in weight loss for me when I was all inflamed and could only eat meat and fat.  So actually I was in the hole about $150 prior to this most recent challenge.  I’m now in the process of climbing out of the Dietbet hole.  $2.74 cents at a time, apparently.

A note about Dietbet strategy that I’ve learned, having done this a few times.  Avoid the short-term high-stakes games.  The more each player is required to contribute, the more committed they are to the game, and the less likely your win is going to result in a windfall over and above your initial contribution.  (I know it’s uncool to care about money – I should just be happy I’m losing weight – but I find money motivating and this is my blog so I’m not gonna hide it.)  Yes, you’ll stick with it, and if sticking with it is your main goal then the high stakes games will give you the incentive to do that, but you won’t win much.

I can’t help but notice that what’s working for me right now is what mainstream medicine has been recommending all along – low fat, low/no added sugar (the “added” excludes fruit), reduced calorie, adequate fiber.  Hm….what does this mean?  Does it mean that maybe the premise of this blog – finding the hidden keys that Big Pharma and the USDA don’t want you to know – is just bunk?  I was here to de-bunk the diet industry.  Now I’m the one who’s been de-bunked.   I know a lot of people lose weight with low-carb – I did too for about 5 minutes – but it came back pretty quickly when my body got sick, and then low-carb wouldn’t work again for weight loss.  I suppose it’s not a black and white issue – there are more than 2 answers.  The key is finding the one that  you can live with and that works for you.

Speaking of learning what I can live with, I think one of the most important things I’ve learned in the last 2 months is to find things I actually like eating that support my goals.  I learned this while staring down a cantaloupe in my refrigerator.  I didn’t want to eat it, but there it was – healthy food that I had bought, waiting to be consumed.  I finally threw it out after getting honest about the fact that I just don’t like cantaloupe.  I decided that I don’t have to like or eat everything that’s healthy – I love grapes, watermelon, and apples.  So now that’s the fruit I eat.  I don’t love potatoes unless they’re bathed in butter, so I’m not eating those either – but I love rice so I’m eating Jasmine (unfortified) rice about 3 times a day.

My weight goes up when I eat cheese that contains vinegar or foods containing wheat.  I don’t know why – I have tested negative to intolerances to these foods – so this is just what’s so.  So gluten-free pretzels and Daisy cottage cheese are a thumbs up, but wheat pretzels and string cheese are a thumbs down.

My mood is generally awesome these days.  I have had some emotional instability break through occasionally.  I assume this is estrogen being released from fat cells as I lose weight, because it feels like PMS used to feel.  In general I feel great though – lots of energy, no aches or pains, great mood.  This has been going on long enough now that I have come to trust it as the new normal.  I am eternally grateful.

9 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

  1. newtopaleo

    Thats good news. You can look up your own posts from the past where fiber just caused depression and didnt work. Plenty of posts on the Peat forum about fiber and depression etc. So something has changed thats allowing you to handle it. Could be the probiotic. Lets see if the insulin numbers fall further. Then you know for sure. I doubt adding sugar will change anything for the worse. To the contrary it might just help you make more t3.

  2. N2P – You might be right about the sugar, except that it tends to show up with fat. I suspect my blood sugar is improving and my weight is dropping because I’m not eating both carbs and fat anymore.

  3. SWOT – I don’t know…I eat a bunch of fruit nowadays, and no problems. Wouldn’t I be having some metabolic issues with that if fructose was the devil?

  4. SWOT

    The fiber in fruit prevents the flux issue, and in any event if you are losing weight, you are at a caloric deficit.

    Biggest problem with fructose is dopamine down-regulation. If that leads to cravings, then, if you start pigging out, AND your liver glycogen is full, your liver will start pumping out triglycerides. When that happens you get leptin resistance and increased appetite for all foods.

    Bright light / longer daylight in spring would counter dopamine down regulation in any event. Usually people have more NEAT in spring from higher dopamine levels, so it would take longer to fill glycogen.


  5. I’m curious what my triglycerides look like right now. I’m tempted to get some lab work done, but I’m trying to stop spending money on all this stuff just for the sake of intellectual curiosity. Thanks for this information.

  6. SWOT

    I should clarify, *lower*. When your fat cells are insulin resistant, they are very eager to dump the goods. As they deflate, their eagerness decreases as sensitivity increases.

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