Milk Thistle

I’ve been slowly attempting to phase out my supplements one at a time as I run out of the bottles, the purpose being to see what I really need as opposed to what some expert told me I need.  Well, it turns out I actually need Milk Thistle.

I stopped taking it about a week and a half ago.  The bottle ran out and I didn’t buy another.  Over the past week I’ve had more emotional upheaval – not terrible, but definitely a change from the walking-on-a-cloud experience that I had been enjoying for weeks prior to this.

When I started having some emotional moments (mostly irritability, some anxiety), I didn’t recognize it at first because it had been awhile.  Then I remembered that last time I lost more than a few pounds of body fat I had the same experience.  It made sense to me that the burned fat may be releasing extra estrogen into my system and causing PMS-like symptoms.  I figured last time around (a few years ago) that dealing with the stored toxic crap was just the cost of losing weight.

But this time I wasn’t having any of these problems.  I noticed it a few weeks ago, and said to myself, “Huh…how come I’m not having any of that toxic estrogen release going on this time?”  …and I wasn’t…until I stopped taking Milk Thistle.  I never really saw the benefit to taking this before – I had read that it supports the liver but didn’t really know what that meant.  Well, I guess it means it helps the liver detox mass quantities of toxic estrogen when you lose weight!

I ran to the health-food store as soon as I realized this yesterday, and now I’m back on the thistle.  I look forward to walking on sunshine again soon.

3 thoughts on “Milk Thistle

  1. john m. koroloff

    Try a PBD (plant based diet) associated with Intermittent fasting where you alternate between AMPK and mTOR metabolic signaling. IF has powerful benefits similar to a plant based diet…Ergo I eat a plant based diet plus 18:6 IF schedule fasting from dinner to next day lunch (=18 hrs) … cured my T2D and bad lipid panel #s to cholesterol 145 mg/dl, A1C 4.8, good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol high in the good end of range…and normal BMI. IMHO a PBD + IF is the way to go if you follow evidence based science. I also exercise and take berberine to up-regulate AMPK metabolic signalling.

  2. SWOT – I’ve used DIM in the past and it did seem to help, back when I had PMS. I think I’ll stick with what’s working for now but this is a good reminder – thank you.

    John – Why would a plant based diet be better than an omnivorous diet? I do see the value of intermittent fasting, and I might try that at some point. I just hate being hungry – I’m not someone who has ever been able to fast successfully – when I finally get to eat, I then overeat. I think there’s more than one way to achieve better blood sugar numbers. I would probably go back to HIIT before I would try fasting. I do want to fix my lipid panel though! Thanks for sharing what is working for you.

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