A few quick updates:

The Milk Thistle helped.  My hormonal (estrogen) symptoms are gone again, since I started taking it once a day in the morning.

My weight loss is stable but I’ve had to take a break from Weight Watchers (WW) for about a week (or two?).  I started having lots of cravings and trouble being satisfied with what I was eating.  Most people in my WW Facebook group blame themselves when this happens, assuming the diet must be right and they must be wrong to want to eat potato chips (or whatever).  The journey I’ve been on with this blog and in my life, however, has helped me to see that it’s NOT my lack of character, will power, motivation, determination, or any of the other -tion words, because I know I can stick to ANYTHING if it’s helping me.

I figured it’s probably a nutrient deficiency that’s causing the problem.  Considering I’ve been on a low-fat diet for 2 months, it could be either fat itself or a fat-soluble vitamin that’s probably lacking.  Since I take supplemental Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K, I assumed it was the fat itself.  So I allowed myself a few days of eating whatever I wanted and the scale started climbing.  Back to low fat….nope, still not satisfying.

So then I remembered what Dave Asprey said about hormonal problems that cause one to regain lost weight (I talked about it here).  So to fix that hormonal problem I tried to do a few days of very low carb eating, the hypothesis being that it would “reset” that CCK hormone and reduce appetite.  Day 1 went fine.  Day 2 I felt like a zombie.  My coworker asked me if something was wrong with me – apparently I had been staring at her with a dazed look on my face.  I didn’t feel good either.  Came home and ate some watermelon and I was all better!  So probably didn’t reach ketosis, but made it 1.5 days.   Since then (that was 2 days ago), my cravings and appetite have dropped off again and I’m very happy with eating my regular high-carb/low fat WW diet…so maybe it worked!

Anyway, weight today is 196.7, a loss of about 15 pounds total so far.

Still having low-grade hot flashes – I blame the Verapamil I’m taking for hypertension.  Apparently it’s a histamine liberator. I’ve had so much trouble finding a medication that works and that doesn’t have unbearable side effects. I’m just focusing on getting well so I can eventually get off of it.  Interestingly, when I was doing the couple days of low-carb I was eating more meat (steak) and my hot flashes got much worse.  I think the histamine in the meat was a big problem. I don’t seem to have that problem with chicken – not sure why beef would be so much worse.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Ha. Saved by watermelon! I worry about the long term GI effects of low carbing. Something happens that seems impossible to fix later. The meat may have reached you after several days. The more the age the more the histamine. Fresh cheese would be safer. Hard to keep calories low then. Casein protein is another option.

  2. I really didn’t enjoy any part of my day and a half of low-carb. My brain didn’t work right, I felt tired. I know that’s part of the process of switching to fat-burning, but I don’t want to go through that anymore. Plus the stress hormones. Bleh.

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