My commenters have saved my life.  The advice I’ve received and the personal stories that have been shared with me have very literally changed the trajectory of my life, and of the lives of the people that I spend the most time with.  Because of you guys my daughter has a mom who is not crying and yelling all the time.  My husband has a partner who can make rational decisions.  I have dreams now that I am certain will come true, whereas a few years ago I had none.  It may not seem like much, leaving a comment here in my little corner of the web to say, “I had that too! Here’s what worked for me,” or “Here’s the science that shows why that isn’t working,” or “I know it’s hard, but keep going.”  To me, these comments are everything.

I also get some really mean comments on here, wishing me death or mocking my writing style.  Those comments don’t get approved so they don’t show up among the published comments. I sometimes wonder if I should publish them and make this place more entertaining – add a dash of drama – but then, I don’t want to give trolls the attention they’re seeking.  Unfortunately, there’s a shock-factor to meanness that makes it memorable to me, and I’ve let some of these comments reduce my self-expression. Today I became aware of the fact that I’m writing less now, avoiding posting on here unless I have something important to say, so I don’t have to hear mean stuff about the irrelevance of my blog.

I also became aware of how stupid that is.  This is my life.  I get to write on here whatever I want. Nobody has to like it, and I guess people are free to be mean if they don’t like it.  But to the mean commenters, I ask you:  Is your life better after you’ve been mean to well-intentioned people on the internet?

On Sean Croxton’s Quote of the Day podcast (which is changing my life, by the way) Brene Brown says,

“It is not about winning. It’s not about losing. It’s about showing up and being seen.”

I’m going to write more from now on.  And a lot of it won’t be perfect.  The purpose of this blog was to raise awareness in the world that if you’re tired of being sick, there are options for you outside of mainstream medicine.  It was also to be a journal for myself – a way to track my own progress over time, so I could look back when I needed to see what I was doing a year ago, or two years ago.  Mean people can keep being mean – I’m not going to let them stop me anymore.  To my friends in health, I honor you and am eternally grateful for your insight, intelligence, and support.


8 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Lanie: Your writing is great and I love the evidence-based approach you have with respect to your research into public and personal health. I see many mean, vicious troll-esque comments on many blogs I follow and wonder on how deep the dark side of the human condition is. Keep up your good work – its inspiring, educating and empowering (for us non-trolls).

  2. Do not let the haters win. We see this happening all over the place. I don’t know how there can be so many people who are miserable enough to spread constant hate. We probably need to pity them then hit “delete” when they say anything. I have enjoyed your sharing and have benefitted from much of it.

  3. Lanie, Don’t ever let mean, negative people stop you from doing what is clearly helpful to yourself and to others!!! Ever! The world needs people who are honest, kind, curious, funny, open, and caring — most of all caring! Everything you write is of value! Every person who you help, including yourself, is helped because you didn’t let the comments of a poor ignorant mean-spirited person stop you from expressing your unique truth and doing what you need to do for yourself and for others. This is how the World is improved — first one voice, then another, then more, then a heavenly host of helpful voices, each encouraged by the others, all pulling humanity to ever-higher levels of Health and Happiness! Peace. =)

  4. Bryant, thank you for that encouragement. I would love for this to be helpful to people, and I love doing it. I’m surprised I actually let anyone get in my way now that I look back on it. ❤

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