May 2017 Labs

I had some labwork done in May – metabolic panel, lipid panel and CBC.  Here they are with current labs in RED:



A few notes off the bat – the glucose and lipid panel were NOT fasting.

White blood cells were high….hoping that’s a reflection of the Lichen Sclerosus and not something else I don’t know about.

I have no time to analyze right now…but feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.


7 thoughts on “May 2017 Labs

  1. Susie

    Your blood markers indicate your body is reacting to a hidden infection. Your auto immune condition is evidence that your immune system is being triggered. Your body hoarding cholesterol is further evidence of the body’s attempt at self preservation. Otherwise, you have a strong, healthy body. I am, of course, in the Lyme camp….but it could be something else. My 19 yr old son came home from his freshman year in college, crying, feeling terribly ill with anxiety and severe brain fog (totally out of character for this steady kid). I was certain he had Lyme, like me. His blood labs also had some similar elevations. Nothing our general primary doc even took notice of. My Lyme doc assessed him: no Lyme (thank God), but a raging hpylori infection. She had him turned around within two weeks, and completely symptom free by 2-3 months.

  2. john koroloff

    Wow! you have some out of range findings. Please post what your Dr. says about these values.
    I am wondering why you dont test ferritin? Dr. Greger has a video on excessive iron (a major pro-oxidant) and suggests blood donation to reduce the level to 20-50 ng/l range; Mercola says optimum is 40-60 ng/ml (the body does not have an iron excretion pathway). Donating blood causes a turnover of both RBCs and WBCS and renews immune system ahd may improve your blood test numbers.

  3. john koroloff

    One more thing: Like yourself, I track my labs #s and my Dr., who is into integrated medicine, adds vitamin D, ferriten, and B12 to my regular labs … even though I intermittent fast (breakfast skipping 18/6 hr) , exercise, and eat a plant based diet (which result in great lipid (chol, HDL, LDL, triglyceride) and sugar (A1C and fasting glucose) I came in with low vitamin D and B12 and high ferritin …I now supplement D and B12 and avoid Fe multivitamins.

  4. Susie – I’m sorry if this sounds dense, but would an autoimmune disorder cause elevated WBC? It’s not exactly an infection. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and come see your person. I feel like I’m flailing around a little, out of my depth with the autoimmune thing. Updated to add: I’ve been doing some research on this and it looks like high white blood cell count can be an effect of taking steroid medication. I’m not opposed to the H.Pylori theory, except that I don’t have any abnormal GI/stomach symptoms at all, and 50% of the population will apparently test positive for H. Pylori. I appreciate your ideas very much – they definitely point me in a direction, but then I often end up somewhere else.

  5. John – My doc noted the high WBC and wanted me to be retested in 3 months. He said the cholesterol is high, but honestly it’s been much higher in the past – like in the 300s with triglycerides in the 500s when I was eating both high carb and high fat. This is an improvement! I’m considering going toward a more plant-based diet right now because meat is high in histamines and I’d love to stop eating it for a while. I’m having some trouble filling up on plants though – they leave me hungry. What do you eat?

  6. John – Regarding Ferritin – I don’t know, no one has ever tested me for that. I wish I had a little more time to research this stuff. My doc isn’t big on ordering tests he doesn’t think I need. He’s kind of an under-reactor. And an under-explorer, in my opinion.

  7. Susie

    My understanding is that hidden infection elevates white blood count as well as triggers autoimmunity. An over active or dysfunctional immune system is the result of a trigger. The white blood count is an additional finger pointing at a source.

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