Low Histamine and High Anxiety

I’ve decided to stop worrying about my white blood cell count.  One friend suggested that perhaps it’s just the immune system doing it’s job – actually clearing an infection – and that one high lab result doesn’t indicate a chronic problem.  So I’ll do follow up testing in a few months, and until then just let it go.

Updates on other issues:

I made a list of foods that are considered to be low-histamine by an app called All I Can Eat. This app is created by someone in Germany so there are foods listed in this app that I’ve never heard of (brill? chayote? gurnard? junket?), and there are some foods that met the criteria as low-histamine but that I’m not likely to eat or don’t really have access to (e.g., gooseberries, lychee, margarine).  So here’s the list that I came up with for myself – things I have actually heard of and have the means to include in my diet:

all i can

Keep in mind – this is one guy’s list.  Low-histamine lists vary depending on the source – for example, this list from the Mastocytosis Society of Canada says blueberries, potatoes and sour cream are off limits, among other things.  However, I don’t seem to have problems with any of those foods – so I’m giving the All I Can Eat app a try – it seems to be a little less restrictive and maybe more aligned with my current needs.  I’ve been gradually including more of these foods and reducing things that the list said were higher in histamine (e.g., chicken, grapes, spinach).  Diet change is tough – I’m trying to make small changes over time that will add up to big changes.  If I try to do too much I start avoiding the situation all together and eating leftover chocolate bunnies from Easter 2 months ago.

It’s been probably 4-5 weeks now that I’ve been eating more fat in my diet.  My weight is stable – no gain or loss during that time and my blood sugar is also stable – fasting blood glucose is in the mid-80s or low-90s with no evidence of change.

Still having hot flashes – haven’t committed fully yet to a low-histamine diet.

Mood isn’t as good as it used to be.  It’s still ok, and depression is still absent.  I have more anxiety recently though.  I’m preoccupied sometimes with worry about my daughter getting hurt somehow.  We just bought a house last week and will be moving in the next 2 weeks.  I’m having trouble enjoying the process because I’m afraid she’s going to get Lyme disease or get injured by a weed wacker.   I know moving and buying a house are stressful events – but it does feel like there’s a biological component to the anxiety.

About a month ago I started taking Thorne Vitamin C capsules with bioflavanoids, including Quercitin – a plant substance that can help reduce mast cell activation (a histamine-releasing event in the body).  Well, it’s been about that long since my anxiety increased.  I read somewhere (probably a Facebook group) that Quercitin can increase anxiety in people with certain genotypes (COMT+/+).  Now, I’m not homozygous for any of the COMT snps but I am heterozygous for a couple of them.  I know it’s a reach, but I’d like this anxiety to go away now, so I’ve stopped the Vitamin C capsules for now to evaluate.

Saw this the other day…there’s a ring of truth to it:

Image result for depression is not caring enough anxiety is caring too much

3 thoughts on “Low Histamine and High Anxiety

  1. newtopaleo

    Meh. Anxiety is low pregnenolone…. Or low conversion of LDL to pregnenonolone…. which is what T3 would do.

  2. DB

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and story. I found it insightful. I’m new at trying new things like diets and this low histamine one is a doozy! Hope all is well with the new house..

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