Lichen Sclerosus – Getting Worse?

Evidence that perhaps my Lichen Sclerosus is getting worse, rather than better.  I’ve been sticking faithfully to the prescribed steroid ointment schedule, gradually reducing it over time, but parts of me are itchy now that weren’t before, even a couple weeks ago.

The only lifestyle factor that seems to have any effect on this for me is dietary histamine.  And since meat is a prime offender, I’m going off meat for a while to evaluate the effects.

I’ve eaten meat my whole life.  How does one get protein?  Egg whites and most cheeses are out, as they are high in histamine.  I’m open to all other (especially plant-based) ideas.  I guess I could hit Google, but it’s more fun to ask.


6 thoughts on “Lichen Sclerosus – Getting Worse?

  1. The Gerson clinic claims that oatmeal and white potatoes provide adequate proetein. Not saying I agree, but they’ve maintained this for years.

  2. I wonder if the LS is caused by oxalates in food? Or lectins? Leaky gut? It seems to me that all roads lead back to the gut. This is an interesting book on lectins in plants.
    I have pretty much healed my problems with histamine but there are still certain foods that cause me reactions. I am in the process of trying to figure what else is in these foods that I am reacting to. Just throwing my thoughts out there!

  3. N2P – Good thinking on the fresh cheese. Difficult to stay low fat with that though…I’ll be considering my options I suppose.

    Christe – How did you heal your problems with histamine? I know the probiotic, but what else? The probiotic helped a lot, but I still have issues – especially with the LS.

  4. I believe I’ve healed my histamine problems by discontinuing the Prilosec I took for 18-20 years for heartburn. My digestion is much better although I still am not perfect. That’s why I’m trying to figure out what else is in tomatoes, chocolate, citrus etc. that might be the problem. The crucial other elements that have helped are the George’s Aloe, Quercetin and Culturelle probiotic. It doesn’t seem that you have digestive/heartburn problems like I do, so it’s hard to say if they would help. But when I added each of these supplements I noticed dramatic results.

  5. Susan – I was just reviewing this and realized I never responded to your comment. Thanks for this – I’m still looking for ways to reduce meat in my diet and this is very helpful!

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