No Go on the No Meat

I tried really hard to eat no meat yesterday, but ended up being ravenously hungry by 5PM.  I’m in the middle of moving to a new home, and my car is having problems = too much to deal with right now.  So learning an entirely new diet is probably ill-advised at the moment.  Instead I’m going to stick to the same low-fat diet that I was having success with previously in the hopes of getting off the Verapamil medication that might be making my histamine symptoms worse.

Time to un-pause the scale and get the weight loss rolling again.  Currently at 190, which is 22 pounds down from my original weight in January.  I’m done with my month-long break of dietary mayhem.

6 thoughts on “No Go on the No Meat

  1. SWOT: Hm…Ok, interesting – high CRP can cause metabolic problems including leptin resistance? What are your thoughts on this?

  2. To me, explains why your weight dropped after you got your histamine issue under control

  3. Numbers jump a lot during weight loss…I’ve seen recommendations that you don’t test till you plateau for a month

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