Hot Flashes Are a Blessing

On Wednesday I had 2 poached egg yolks, rice, sour cream and chives for breakfast.  I arrived at work at 7:45, and by noon I had turned on my desk fan 4 times – so about one hot flash per hour.  They weren’t cute little hot flashes, either.  They were sweaty, angry hot flashes.  They really do have personalities, these hot flashes.  Sometimes they’re like a warm blanket.  Sometimes they’re like the Heat Miser.  And sometimes they’re like the devil incarnate throwing fireballs at me while I tap dance barefoot on hot cement in Texas in August.  Angry.  When they’re angry hot flashes, they’re angry all day and through the night.   I’ve been having angry hot flash days a lot lately – like, most days for the last few weeks.

This morning I had rice and chicken breast for breakfast.  I arrived at work at 7:00AM.  It’s now 10:00 AM and I haven’t had to turn my fan on once.  No hot flashes.  This makes me think maybe the egg yolks and/or dairy are causing me problems.  The part of the egg that is highest in histamine is the egg white, and my All I Can Eat app gave both egg yolk and sour cream the green light – however, my experience today leads me to believe one or both are problematic.  So I’ll be avoiding all eggs and all dairy for a while to evaluate.

Imagine this as a flow chart: With histamine and mast cell activation comes inflammation.  With inflammation comes increase appetite and anxiety, increased immune system activity, and worsening autoimmunity.  With increased appetite and anxiety comes inability to lose more weight.  With inability to lose more weight comes reliance on Big Pharma, high blood pressure, and probably worsening metabolic markers.  Therefore, my primary goal at this point is to contain my histamine problem.  I realized today that my hot flashes, which I’ve been cursing for years, could very well be pointing me in the direction of improved health.  They are my body’s signal that I’ve screwed up!  I love my hot flashes now!

I feel like Helen Keller, when she finally realized that Anne Sullivan’s gestures represented water!!

Update:  I wrote this earlier today.  At about 10:30AM I had some watermelon – universally approved on all low-histamine lists that I’ve seen – and then started having hourly hot flashes.  WTF?  Tomorrow, no fruit.  Let’s see how that goes.


4 thoughts on “Hot Flashes Are a Blessing

  1. N2P: I know – when I’m less inflamed my brain works better! Interesting about the NO. I’ve been eating a lot of watermelon over the last few months. I’m gonna take a break from fruit an add in one thing at a time.

  2. Lanie
    Eggs can cause some women hot flashes. I couldn’t eat eggs fo years. I also talked to Ray Peat about it and he confirmed this. What helped was to find eggs that are not feed any grains. I live in Portland Oregon so I have a supplier here. However even with eggs that were from chickens that were grain free, it wasn’t until I got my thyroid regulated and estrogen lowered and progesterone elevated that I could eat eggs. I eat 2 every morning now.

    When I eat watermelon without protein it lowers my blood sugar very fast. I then get a reaction that is like a hot flash. It is actually a histamine response to low blood sugar.

    I hope this helps.

    Much love to you and your family. Trebbie

  3. Trebbie – Huh…very interesting about the histamine response to low blood sugar. I wonder if that’s what’s going on? I always eat fruit alone, which is basically asking for reactive hypoglycemia. If I do re-introduce watermelon I’ll do so with a meal that includes protein. Also interesting about the eggs. No eggs again today and no angry hot flashes today. Just a few warm blanket ones. Thank you for the comment!

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