It’s humbling when you realize your own sloppiness is the reason you’re not getting the results you want.

A comment-conversation yesterday with Meme made me aware that I really stopped losing weight after I stopped tracking my food with Weight Watchers.  I did it daily for 2 months, and then figured “I know what I’m doing – I’m good.”  Well, 2 months later I’m stalled, paying little to no attention anymore to the details of my dietary intake, and plagued at times by cravings that feel biological rather than psychological.

So I’m following Meme’s lead on this and I’m going to be entering all food eaten into Cron-O-Meter.  I upgraded to their fancy Gold membership so I can divide the food into meals, save my eyes from the advertising on the site and get recommendations for foods high in specific nutrients.  Also the Gold membership gives you access to a cool visual representation of some critical nutrient balances:


I just love it!

My goals are to maximize nutrient density daily (99%+ of nutritional targets met) and lose another 30-40 pounds.

Of course this means I’ll have to measure what I eat again too.  I have a conversation in my head about this that is really dis-empowering.  It goes something like this:

Me:  Ok, lunch time….guess I better get the scale and measuring cup out.

Devil on my Shoulder: Really?  Can’t you eyeball that shit yet?

Me:  Well maybe, but I really want to do it right.

Devil on my Shoulder:  You know who measures food?  People who are slaves to food.  Remember Overeaters Anonymous?  Those people were insane.  They would bring a scale to a fancy restaurant and sit there at the table weighing their Filet Mignon.  That shit is just weird.

Me: Yeah, I know it’s a little weird but it’s really the only way to get accurate data and to know what I’m actually putting in my mouth.  I have a tendency to “forget” half the stuff I eat if I don’t measure.

Devil on my Shoulder: Don’t you think you’re a little old for this adolescent obsession with food?  How about mellowing out in your middle age?  You know, be cool.  Be laid back.  Get a tan and do yoga.

Me: Hm…yeah, I’ve always wanted to be cool and laid back.

Devil on my Shoulder: Exactly.

Me: Ok, I guess I can just eyeball it.

Devil on my Shoulder:  Why don’t you have some of those potato chips while you’re at it.  That’s what cool laid back people eat, you know.

Me: That does sound good.

So you can see why I’m in this situation.  Stupid devil.  Kind of a foul-mouthed bastard too.

2 thoughts on “Cron-O-Meter

  1. Meme

    Ha ha ha, OMG…exactly.

    Well, I’m never going to bring a food scale with me to dine out, EVER. But since I don’t eat out often, it don’t matter. I use my phone to enter foods and I use really honest amounts. It’s a reality check for sure, especially if your eating at a Mexican restaurant: corn chips, guacamole, margaritas…oh my! I can easily eat over three thousand calories, no problemo.

    And so the mystery for me is solved. My brain guesstimater is apparently broken, maybe permanently?

    Cron-O, my Crutch, my Savior….. my Freedom.

  2. Yeah, it’s a no for me too on the bringing of scales and measuring cups to restaurants.

    Hey, want to know something interesting? Last night my daughter asked me if I ever have devils or angels sitting on my shoulder talking to me. Isn’t that a weird coincidence?

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