Broken Blog – Update: Fixed

WordPress tells me there’s been a glitch with my blog, resulting in it being stuck in this weird template.  My choices at this point are to revert to an earlier saved version of the blog, resulting in the loss of some content, or keep it in said weird template forever.

I’m wondering if this is a sign from the universe that’s it’s time to do something else.

Update: Blog fixed.  Thanks, WordPress.

3 thoughts on “Broken Blog – Update: Fixed

  1. Yay — WordPress! And Yay — Regression to the Mean!!! Nothing stays awful or awesome forever, but always regresses back to the average, the norm, the broad middle landscape where things hum along, where things are pretty good, where things are satisfactory, and copacetic and chill. Why? Because of the way our minds work! Given a little time, we get used to the new, and we see that awful isn’t as awful as it seemed at first, and awesome isn’t as awesome either. And what we hate never lasts forever, and what we love continues to appear!!! And the vast happy land in the middle of the curve is always waiting patiently for you to come home. Peace. =)

  2. when you are doing good, there is always something/someone wanting to hold you back….don’t let it! You are about to have a breakthrough. Congratulations on your new home!

  3. Bry – Thank you…it’s reassuring to hear that there’s likely to be an upswing coming. 🙂

    Toni – I think you’re right about the breakthrough coming. Things are certainly shaken up, and it’s shaken loose some patterns that haven’t been working for me. ❤

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