Still Here

It’s true that I’m more prone to disappearance when things aren’t going so well.

My family moved to a new home, which disrupted all of my routines, my free time, and my environmental comforts.  Eventually this move will be a good one, but right now it’s still a mess. The house is a fixer-upper.  I’m struggling with this change, with traveling for work, and with things being very busy with both my full-time job and my side job.  We’ve also had some unexpected financial expenses: replacing a car, dealing with a flooded basement, and fixing parts of the new (old) house that we didn’t know were broken.  I’m happy to have the house. The adjustment is just difficult.

I’m struggling with eating the “right” things. I gave up and just started eating “whatever” again and my lichen sclerosus (LS) became really inflamed, as well as a sore patch of skin in my armpit – it’s been there for several years but tripled in size in the last week.

I’ve stopped concerning myself with losing weight. I just don’t have the time. I don’t have time to log food and figure out how to shop smart and cook a variety of antioxidant-rich meals.  I know this is not how it’s going to be forever, but right now it’s difficult.  I feel like I’m making excuses, but right now my “free” time is literally the time I spend driving to work, and the freedom is just listening to the podcast of my choice.  Yesterday’s Quote of the Day Show was based on this awesome video:

My mood right now is highly variable, and gets worse when my LS is worse, which makes me think they’re related, with the common theme being mast cell activation. My weight is up about 5 pounds, and my blood sugar is up about 20 points from 1 month ago.

Hanging in there, waiting for the storm to pass.

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