Breaking Away

I think I might be breaking away from my health-seeking adventures.

It occurred to me today that I might be increasing my state of disease by focusing on my state of disease.  After all, what we focus on grows.  I don’t know anymore if I’m actually interested in health or if this is all one giant elaborate way for me to avoid moving forward in other areas of my life.

  • If I’m sick I can’t leave my job.  Cuz health insurance.
  • If I’m sick I can identify as someone who heals.  An identity.
  • If I’m sick I can garner sympathy and attention.
  • If I’m sick I get to justify breaks from the hectic schedule of crap that I don’t enjoy.
  • If I’m sick I’m distracted from painful life events that I can’t control.
  • If I’m sick I get to feel proficient in healing
  • If I’m sick maybe I can help others get well and gain appreciation.
  • If I’m sick I can avoid intimacy.
  • If I’m sick I get to punish others by withholding myself.
  • If I’m sick I get to have a direction in life.
  • If I’m sick I have a meaningful hobby.
  • If I’m sick I get to make impressive graphs and do important research.
  • If I’m sick I get to pretend I’m a doctor.
  • If I’m sick I avoid the rejection of trying and failing.
  • If I’m sick I have an excuse for not taking risks.
  • If I’m sick I have an excuse for not doing the work to live my best life.
  • If I’m sick I avoid being in charge in my life.
  • If I’m sick I avoid the guilt of outgrowing people.
  • If I’m sick I avoid the guilt of putting myself first sometimes.

I’m just wondering if maybe it’s not serving me so well to identify myself as sick.  Collecting diagnoses, researching them and learning about treating myself.  I’m not healthier since I started this.  I’m a little wiser, and I’ve found a few really good tools, but I’m not significantly better off.  (Updated to add….actually my mood is significantly better than when I started.  I really shouldn’t discount the road I’ve traveled here. I’m just not sure it’s a road I want to continue traveling.)

I think I need to break from this blog for a little while, and see who I would be if I wasn’t this person that needs to be fixed.

4 thoughts on “Breaking Away

  1. This is a small part of a larger picture….it is temporary. God uses every part of our lives to fulfill a purpose….every piece, even a broken piece to make a mosaic. Look at a stained glass window, tiny pieces with lead holding it together, we see broken glass as unusable, but God gives the artist a picture…transforming something beautiful for our eyes to see. God doesn’t make any junk.
    No road we travel will be short of pitfalls…we all have our bumps in the road to keep us alert and with our eyes on the road we will get there. Reminds me of a time my husband and I were wanting to go a certain way from Athens GA to Knoxville TN (Dragon Tail drive) to my sister’s house….shortcut we thought. We saw a sign stating the bridge is out up ahead. We drove a long while (probable 45 minutes) before there was a barricade. It was right at the bridge. We had to turn around and drive back down the mountain find another road to get to my sister’s. We got there but later than planned. I know things will work out, just don’t quit. Quitters never win and Winners never quit.

  2. I’ve just come across your blog today while researching culturelle and histamine – I’m so grateful for you blogging and sharing your journey – may you be blessed!

  3. Hi Mary, and welcome! Culturelle has helped me so much. If you haven’t tried it I hope you do and report back!

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