It’s time for me to take a break, to remove writing, thinking and researching from my list of things to do.  As much as I enjoy it I have to narrow the field of my responsibilities.  I’ll be back soon.

Failure Space

I’ve been in a failure-like space lately.  It’s been keeping me from writing.

Also the lack of purpose for this blog is keeping me from writing.

I am trying really hard lately to find ways to work from home.  I’ve realized my job is sucking the life out of me, and I desperately want to be self-employed.  For years I’ve been working full time and also managing a part-time consulting business.  Both have been very busy lately, in addition to moving and having a child I don’t have time for much else.  I’m busy from the minute I get up until the minute I go to bed.  I don’t watch TV.  I don’t spend much time on the web unless it’s learning something that will help me move on from my job.

The stress of all of it is having an impact on me.

I haven’t been eating well, my mood is meh (but still way better than it used to be).

I need to focus on my health again.

Current Status

This morning:

  • Blood sugar: 96 (still well managed)
  • Weight: 197.5 (up 10 pounds from my pre-move lowest)
  • Blood pressure: 137/89 (ok but not great, and on 2 medications to control it)
  • Pulse: 73
  • Lichen Sclerosus – apparently well controlled right now.  I can’t really tell.  I’ve become dependent on doctors’ opinions.
  • Rash – Had a rash in my armpit increasing in size and discomfort – apparently it was a fungal infection because it responded really well to over the counter medication.  Not quite gone but almost.
  • Mood – Good overall.  Anxiety and mood swings related to my move are abating.
  • Stress – Could be managed better.
  • Exercise – None, aside from being fairly active throughout the day for work.

I heard a cool podcast featuring Dan Millman a while back.  Dan is the author of several books I’ve found very inspiring, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which I read about 15 years ago.  In this podcast Dan talk about how small steps can add up to big changes over time.  No exercise program?  Start with 1 jumping jack a day.  Stick to it and increase over time.  I think he’s being funny, but I’m going to try it.  So for me: one yoga pose a day.


Dear Blog

I’d like to un-break-up.

Turns out denying my health conditions doesn’t actually make them go away.

Also turns out I suck at managing stress.  Going to work on that.

I’ve been questioning the mission of this blog.  It’s nice to have a reference for myself of what I’ve tried and when I tried it, but I’d like for there to be a bigger purpose that actually matters to someone other than me.  Right now there’s no structure to it, so it’s not exactly useful as a resource for others.  I feel like some of my journey would be worthwhile if it actually helped someone, so I’m taking steps to make it more useful.  I started by creating a list of the supplements and resources that have been helpful to me and my family – this can be found on the Favorite Things page.

I’m also going to figure out how to show a timeline of my journey so far, so it can be easier to find specific topics.  Not sure how to do that yet.

I changed the title back to the previous name.  Friends in Health didn’t feel right after I looked at it for a while.  Against the Grain isn’t quite right either, but it’s like wearing an old pair of Birkenstocks to a wedding.  Not appropriate, but comfortable.  I may re-think it again at some point.

So there may be some changes.  Hopefully good ones.