Dear Blog

I’d like to un-break-up.

Turns out denying my health conditions doesn’t actually make them go away.

Also turns out I suck at managing stress.  Going to work on that.

I’ve been questioning the mission of this blog.  It’s nice to have a reference for myself of what I’ve tried and when I tried it, but I’d like for there to be a bigger purpose that actually matters to someone other than me.  Right now there’s no structure to it, so it’s not exactly useful as a resource for others.  I feel like some of my journey would be worthwhile if it actually helped someone, so I’m taking steps to make it more useful.  I started by creating a list of the supplements and resources that have been helpful to me and my family – this can be found on the Favorite Things page.

I’m also going to figure out how to show a timeline of my journey so far, so it can be easier to find specific topics.  Not sure how to do that yet.

I changed the title back to the previous name.  Friends in Health didn’t feel right after I looked at it for a while.  Against the Grain isn’t quite right either, but it’s like wearing an old pair of Birkenstocks to a wedding.  Not appropriate, but comfortable.  I may re-think it again at some point.

So there may be some changes.  Hopefully good ones.

2 thoughts on “Dear Blog

  1. Glad “against the grain” blog is back…I enjoyed reading about your experiences and observations with your various approaches to achieving optimum health. As a retired biologist with an interest in ethology (scientific study of animal behavior) I enjoy watching my favorite species, Homo-sapiens, and notice that increasingly over time, many people at all ages are definitely moving in the wrong direction with respect to “optimum health”. The work you are doing, in my estimation, is very important and its nice that you are willing to share your field notes with us.

  2. Hey John – Thank you. I’m in the profession of studying and managing human behavior (applied behavior analysis). Lots of overlap there, between animal behavior and human behavior, as you know. :). Thanks for the nice words. What direction do you think most people are heading with respect to “Optimum health”?

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